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A40 reopens westbound after multiple car crashes

Emergency services barely visible through fog on A40 Credit: ITV News

The A40 has reopened westbound after multiple crashes forced its closure today.

A woman driver was killed and as many as 15 people were injured on the Oxfordshire road before 10am.

Six vehicles were seriously damaged and a further 10 to 15 were also involved in collisions that stretched for more than half a mile.

'Freezing fog' weather warning issued after A40 crash

Around 20 vehicles crashed in Oxfordshire on the A40 Credit: Mark Newcombe

A severe weather warning for fog has been reissued after multiple traffic collisions on the A40.

Motorists are being warned that freezing fog patches will become more widespread and locally dense Wednesday evening until Thursday lunchtime.

The Met Office said: "Driving conditions will be difficult with journeys likely to take longer than usual whilst some delays to air travel are possible."

The yellow warning, which means "beware", was issued for the whole of England, with the exception of the most western and northern points.


'I saw two cars swerve as they braked and go flying'

Another eyewitness described the "carnage" as multiple cars swerved and crashed on the busy road.

The woman, who asked not to be named, said she "luckily" saw hazard lights ahead as she approached on the slip road from Carterton, and moved on to a grass verge.

"I saw cars going zooming past me and trying to swerve out the way of the stationary cars but crashing into them," she said.

"I saw one car try swerve in between a Mini and another car, ending up crashing into the Mini and (flying) up in the air.

"I saw two cars swerve as they braked so hard and go flying into the barrier in the middle of the road ... it was carnage."

Ambulance service: 'Around 20 vehicles damaged'

The South Central Ambulance Service spokesman said: "There was a collision towards the front of the queue and the more serious one about half-way down."

He added three ambulances, three rapid response vehicles and two ambulance officers and an air ambulance car had attended the scene.

Six vehicles in the middle were said to be badly damaged, while a further 10 to 15 were also involved.

'Heavy fog' made driving conditions 'really dangerous'

Pregnant mother-of-two Ami Gaston, from Carterton, saw the first vehicle crash.

She said: "A man on his own had skidded and crashed into middle barrier. My partner was driving - we had to swerve out of the right lane to avoid hitting him. His door was open and air bags were released."

She added that the heavy fog meant the situation was "really dangerous", as it was difficult to see any other car until you were "on top of it".

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