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IDF: '120 rockets fired from Gaza have struck Israel'

The Israel Defence Forces (IDF) claims 120 rockets fired from inside the Gaza Strip have struck Israel in less than 24 hours.

The IDF also said 24 rockets were destroyed by Israel's Iron Dome defence system before they could reach their targets.


IDF: Hamas 'responsible for rocket barrage on Israel'

The Israel Defence Forces (IDF) say Hamas is responsible for a barrage of rockets fired at cities inside Israel.

The IDF said it had now attacked a total of 200 "terror targets" in response to what it says are attacks by Hamas militants on Israeli citizens.

Israeli ground invasion of Gaza 'on the table'

Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu has reportedly said a ground invasion of Gaza is one of the options available to his country's military in response to what Israel claims is Hamas targeting of Israeli civilians.

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu has been quoted as saying a ground invasion is possible. Credit: Sellem Marc Israel/ABACA/Press Association Images

According to Reuters, a source in the Israeli Prime Minister's office quoted Mr Netanyahu as saying: "The IDF (Israel Defence Forces) must be ready to go all the way. All options are on the table, including a ground invasion."

Crowds sift through wreckage of Gaza air strike

Crowds of Palestianians gather at the wreckage of the house.

Local people and emergency services have been sifting through the wreckage of a house destroyed in an air strike by the Israeli military on Gaza.

The Palestinian Authority says the strike, which reportedly targeted the house of a Hamas member, left six people dead and 25 injured.

The roof of the house collapsed after the strike. Credit: RTV

The Israeli military said the strike was a response to rocket fire from Hamas militants on targets in southern Israel.

Police and medics search through the debris for possible survivors. Credit: RTV
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Lack of commitment could force US out of peace talks

A Palestinian man uses a sling to hurl a stone towards Israeli troops during clashes earlier this month. Credit: Reuters

There is only a peace process at all at the moment, because it is attached to an American life support machine. The US Secretary of State John Kerry has been to the Middle East more than a dozen times in the last nine months, trying to push the sides closer towards to an agreement.

We know Mr Kerry has spoken to President Abbas expressing his dissappointment with the Hamas deal. Kerry has expressed his frustration over the situation quite openly in the last few months with what he sees as a lack of commitment on both sides to a peace agreement.

The big fear is that he will decide enough is enough and he will turn off that life support machine and widespread violence will follow.

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