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Already 'plenty' of guidance for hospital car parking fees

There is "plenty" of guidance for hospitals on how they should run their car parks so patients' relatives are "not ripped off", a former member of the NHS Foundation Trust said.

Roy Lilley told Good Morning Britain hospitals would "have to charge" to pay for the wear and tear of the car park, but they should keep their prices reasonable.

Highest rate for first hour of parking at hospitals

According to data from Freedom of Information requests sent by MP Robert Halfon, the most expensive first hour of hospital car parking are at:

  • Wye Valley NHS Trust Hereford - £3.50/one hour
  • West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust - £3.30/minimum two hours
  • Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust - £3/for one hour
  • Royal Free Hospital North London - £3/for one hour
  • Mid Essex Hospital Chelmsford - £3/for 15mins to 3 hours
  • Aintree University Hospital, Liverpool - £3/for 30mins to 1 1/2 hours


MPs put spotlight on hospital car parking charges

High prices for parking at hospitals may soon be a thing of the past, as MPs gear up to examine the controversial measure.

The most expensive hospital car parking spaces cost around £3 per hour. Credit: PA

Despite recent government guidelines in which the Health Secretary vowed to crackdown on hospital parking costs, MPs are claiming some visitors face fees of up to £500 per week.

A campaign lead by the Conservative MP Robert Halfon exposed the varying degree in cost relatives face when visiting sick loved ones.

Mr Halfon launched almost 400 Freedom of Information (FoI) requests and found London had the highest charges, with an average of £20 a day and more than £130 a week.

The lowest charges were in the East Midlands, where parking costs were £3.50 per day and £11 per week.

How much councils have lost in unpaid parking fines?

The Local Government Association claims local councils have been forced to write off millions in unpaid parking fines as they have been unable to trace foreign vehicles.

The LGA wants the government to get tougher on foreign drivers who are often not registered in the UK. Credit: Yui Mok/PA Wire/Press Association Images

LGA economy and transport board chairman Peter Box wants a central database introduced to allow the Government to get tougher on people failing to register their vehicle.

He said: "Drivers of foreign-registered vehicles need to realise they are not above the law in this country.

"Reckless and inconsiderate parking by non-UK registered vehicles puts other drivers and pedestrians at risk.

"The millions of pounds worth of fines written off could also be spent filling potholes, providing bus services and tackling the £12 billion repair backlog to bring our roads up to scratch."

See how different parts of the UK measure up:

  • Brighton & Hove is owed more than £750,000 in unpaid fines
  • Oxfordshire, Southampton and Portsmouth councils are owed £500,000
  • Bournemouth council has written off £57,000 in the past 12 months
  • Maidstone Council in Kent has lost out on £28,455 worth of tickets
  • Leicester City Council has waived £20,000 in fines in the past year
  • Milton Keynes in Buckinghamshire is still owed £13,365
  • While Doncaster Council in Yorkshire has ripped up £12,000 worth

Millions in foreign parking fines owed in Britain

Millions of pounds worth of unpaid parking fines have to be written off each year by councils unable to trace drivers of foreign vehicles, according to the Local Government Association (LGA).

The LGA said it is unfair as Britons can be chased for parking fines abroad but not vice versa. Credit: Jonathan Brady/PA Wire

Some councils have had to rip up thousands of parking tickets with one local authority - Brighton & Hove Council - being owed more than £750,000.

EU laws allows European vehicles to drive on UK roads for six months before having to register with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) but the Government does not keep a record of the estimated three million entering the UK each year.

Currently the DVLA only records information about non-UK-registered vehicles when they are notified through offence reports provided by the police or from tip-offs from the public.

This means foreign vehicles are able to disappear within the system by going unregistered.

The LGA said this left town hall parking bosses facing an impossible task to chase down drivers for payments while laws in other countries mean British drivers parking illegally abroad can be tracked and chased.

Money from parking charges 'go back into community'

Councils charging fees for parking solely to make a profit "is a misconception" as any money generated has to go back into the community, a Local Government Association spokesman told Good Morning Britain.

Any parking charges handed out on the street had to be spent on road and pavement upkeep and money collected in car parks "is used on essential services".

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