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British firms can sell 4x4s to Syria

UK firms have been granted licences to export bulletproof cars to Syria, MPs have been told.

A licence for armoured 4x4s was among the export permits which remain open despite President Bashar Assad's brutal repression of opposition in the country.

A spokeswoman for the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills said the UK had one of the world's toughest arms control regimes and there was no evidence UK-supplied equipment had been used to crush protests in Syria.


Clinton: 'Assad will be judged on actions not words'

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says America will judge President Assad on his actions, not his words, and has called for an immediate end to attacks by the Syrian Government.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says President Assad will be judged on his actions. Credit: EPA/MichaelReynolds

Her comments come as it is announced Syria has accepted the UN-Arab League peace plan amid reports that shelling is continuing in Homs.


UN: Six-point plan for Syria is 'important step'

The Syrian government has written to Kofi Annan to accept his six-point plan, endorsed by the United Nations Security Council.

"Mr Annan views this as an important initial step that could bring an end to the violence and the bloodshed," said a spokesman for the joint special envoy.

Mr Annan has stressed that implementation will be key, not only for the Syrian people, who are caught in the middle of this tragedy, but also for the region and the international community as a whole. As the Syrian government acts on its commitments, Mr Annan will move urgently to work with all parties to secure implementation of the plan at all levels.

– Ahmad Fawzi, Spokesman for the Joint Special Envoy
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