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Brazil legend Pele discharged from hospital

Brazilian football legend Pele has been discharged from hospital. Credit: Reuters

Brazilian legend Pele has been discharged from hospital in Sao Paulo after recovering well from an infection.

Pele spent two weeks at the Albert Einstein clinic where he underwent surgery to remove kidney stones, and later received treatment for a urinary tract infection.

The 74 year-old is reported to be in "good health and positive spirits" following his stay in hospital and earlier this week joked:

"I'm already preparing for the Olympics [in 2018]. Teams can have three professional players [over the age of 23]. I'll be one of them."

Football legend Pele 'to leave hospital on Tuesday'

The Brazilian soccer legend Pele is to leave hospital on Tuesday after recovering well from a kidney ailment, the Sao Paulo clinic that has been treating him for two weeks is reported to have said.

Football legend Pele 'to leave hospital' on Tuesday. Credit: PA

A statement released to AFP by the Albert Einstein clinic read: "He is doing well clinically and does not have any signs of infection. Considering his good recovery, his medical team has scheduled his leaving hospital tomorrow."

Pele is to speak to reporters on Tuesday at 2.30pm UK time.


Pele condition continues to improve in hospital

Pele is expected to make a full recovery. Credit: PA

Brazilian great Pele is showing further signs of improvement as he continues his recovery from a kidney condition.

The three-time World Cup winner remains in "semi-intensive care" at the Albert Einstein Hospital in Sao Paulo after being admitted on November 24 with a urinary tract infection.

A statement from the hospital read:

"Patient Edson Arantes do Nascimento (Pele) presents signs of both clinical improvement and progressive improvement of his condition. He remains hospitalised in a semi-intensive care unit.

"His renal function continues to improve and he has haemodynamic and respiratory stability. He continues to take antibiotic medication intravenously and shows no signs of infection. The hospital will provide further bulletins if there is new information."

Pele condition improving in Sao Paulo hospital

Brazilian legend Pele is expected to make a full recovery. Credit: PA

Brazilian superstar Pele is continuing his recovery from a urinary tract infection.

The Albert Einstein Hospital in Sao Paulo said the 74-year-old three-time World Cup winner is under "semi-intensive" care.

Pele was admitted to hospital on November 24 after being diagnosed with a urinary tract infection that stemmed from a November 13 operation to remove kidney stones.

Pele remains in the room he was transferred to five days ago for kidney support treatment but his condition is not being monitored as closely as it was when he was admitted.

Another evaluation is due to be carried out on Wednesday.

Pele says he is 'doing fine' amid heath fears

Brazilian football legend Pele has said he "is doing fine" as he attempted to play down concerns over his health.

The 74-year-old also denied reports that he had been placed in intensive care.


Pele moved to quieter special care unit away from fans

Football legend Pele has been moved to a quieter special care unit to receive treatment away from fans after being admitted to a Brazilian hospital with a urinary tract infection.

The Albert Einstein Hospital in Sao Paulo said the 74-year-old had suffered "clinical instability" but provided no more details of his condition.

A spokeswoman for Albert Einstein Hospital confirmed earlier reports that Pele was in intensive care were inaccurate. Credit: RTV
Pele was discharged from the same hospital on November 13 after undergoing surgery to remove kidney stones. Credit: RTV

Aide: Pele moved for the sake of privacy

Pele has been receiving treatment for a urinary infection. Credit: PA

Football legend Pele's aide says the former player is 'completely fine', after reports he had been moved to an intensive care unit, after being admitted in hospital due to a urinary infection..

Jose Fornos Rodrigues told Reuters that Pele was moved for the sake of privacy.

"He was uncomfortable with so many people coming. It'll be quieter now," Rodrigues said.

Brazilian football legend Pele 'in intensive care'

Pele has been in and out of hospital recently. Credit: PA

Brazilian football legend Pele is reportedly in intensive care at a hospital in Sao Paulo.

Pele was admitted for a urinary tract infection and has since undergone surgery to remove kidney stones, but his condition is now worsening, according to reports.

A statement released to Brazilian press stated: "The Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein said that the Edson Arantes do Nascimento patient (Pele) was admitted with clinical instability.

"To receive the best care, he was transferred to be monitored in a special care unit."

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