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Passenger 'thought plane was going to explode'

An airport spokeswoman has confirmed that no-one was injured when a US Airlines flight was forced to abort its take-off in Philadelphia, though one passenger requested medical assistance, a spokesman for American Airlines Group said.

The flight was carrying 149 passengers and five crew members.

The US Airways plane with a collapsed nose at Philadelphia International Airport Credit: Reuters

The mother of a 23-year-old passenger told NBC Philadelphia that her daughter, "smelled gas and was very nervous. She thought the plane was going to explode."

Passengers running from the evacuated plane at Philadelphia International Airport Credit: NBC New York

Philadelphia plane suffered 'nose gear collapse'

US AirwaysFlight 170 suffered a nose gear collapse, forcing it to abort take-off, New York Daily News reported, citing an airport spokesperson.

One passenger posted images of the scene:

No injuries have been reported and all flights departing for and from Philadelphia have been temporarily delayed.

US Airways plane pictured after Philadelphia 'incident'

A picture posted on Twitter appears to shows passengers evacuating a US Airways plane, following an incident at Philadelphia International Airport.


Woman's body sat undiscovered in snow-covered car

The body of a woman slumped in the passenger seat of a car parked on a busy street in Philadelphia went undiscovered as police continued to ticket the vehicle.

The Nissan parked on a busy street in Philadelphia where Nadia Malik, inset, lay undiscovered. Credit: NBC Philadelphia

A build-up of snow and the black Nissan's tinted windows obscured the view of 22-year-old Nadia Malik, an entry-level medical student who had been missing for nearly two weeks before her body was found underneath a pile of books inside the car on Thursday.

The car had even been towed during the time the mother-of-two's body lay undiscovered, NBC Philadelphia reported.

Police are waiting to question her ex-boyfriend Bhupinder Singh in connection with the death and he will return to the state on a parole violation.

Philadelphia eyewitness: 'I heard a loud explosion'

An eyewitness has described the scene of a building collapse in Philadelphia to US TV station Fox 29.

Carol McKenna who lives just a few doors down, said: "I definitely felt my whole house shake.

"The first thing, what I heard was a loud explosion. My house shook, and I didn't know whether to look outside or not look outside."

Ms McKenna said when she did look the street was full of debris and she could smell gas, so she called the emergency services.

Search underway at collapsed building in Philadelphia

A search is underway at a collapsed building in Philadelphia, US, for people who may be trapped in the debris.

The building collapsed in Philadelphia. Credit: NBC News

At least a dozen people have been rescued from the site, eyewitnesses told NBC News.

Corey Vey, who works nearby, told the US network: "There are firemen, police, construction guys digging out because I believe people are down there. It's crazy right now."

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