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Child denied compensation for mother's pregnant drinking

A young child is not entitled to criminal injuries compensation after her mother drank excessively while pregnant, the Court of Appeal has ruled.

The mother was said to have drank half a bottle of vodka and eight cans of strong lager a day while pregnant. Credit: PA Wire

Three appeal judges unanimously ruled that a mother who is pregnant and who drinks to excess "despite knowledge of of the potential harmful consequence to the child" who is "born damaged as a result" is not guilty of a criminal offence under British law.

Judges were told that the mother drank an "an enormous amount" while pregnant including a half-bottle of vodka and eight cans of strong lager a day, leading to the child being born with an alcohol-related disease.

A local authority in North West England had fought the compensation battle on behalf of the child, now aged seven, who suffers with learning, development, memory and behaviour problems.

If the appeal had succeeded it could have led to pregnant women's behaviour being criminalised, according to the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (Bpas) and Birthrights.

Bpas welcomed the verdict saying it was an "extremely important ruling" for women who "must be able to make their own decisions about their pregnancies."

Judgement for mum who 'drank heavily' while pregnant

Judges are expected to hand down their verdict in a landmark case in which a council are seeking compensation from the mother of a child with foetal alcohol syndrome.

The mother in question was a teenager while pregnant, it has emerged. Credit: PA

The council, believed to be in the North West of England, say the mother drank enormous amounts of alcohol while pregnant which is tantamount to a crime of violence.

The Court of Appeal is expected to rule in the case later today after the council lost its initial bid for compensation back in January.

The council want compensation for the little girl, known as "Child CP" under the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme

The mum, who was 17-years-old when pregnant, allegedly consumed half a bottle of vodka and eight cans of strong lager a day - between 40-57 units.

However, charities the British Pregnancy Advisory Service and Birthrights, claim criminalising women who drink while pregnant is not the best way to help them or their children.

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