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Watch Live: David Cameron appointed Prime Minister

David Cameron is expected to give a statement after being appointed Prime Minister for a second term by the Queen.

Mr Cameron arrived at Buckingham Palace just before 12.30pm where he was expected to be asked by the Queen to form a new government after the Conservatives secured an outright election victory.

The live broadcast has now finished.


PM reveals his chats to the Queen are 'very useful'

The Prime Minister has revealed that he finds talking politics with the Queen very useful as she is "always" up to speed and has "heard it all before".

Queen Elizabeth ll is greeted by Prime Minister David Cameron at 10 Downing Street Credit: Anwar Hussein/Anwar Hussein/EMPICS Entertainment

Discussing his weekly Buckingham Palace audiences with the monarch, David Cameron divulged that he was very aware the Queen has worked with 11 Prime Ministers before him.

"You are very conscious as Prime Minister that I am her 12th," he told BBC Radio 2's Steve Wright Show.

"She started with Winston Churchill and she has heard it all before. I think prime ministers find it very valuable to try and explain the difficult decisions and problems the country faces in the presence of someone who's heard and seen all these problems before," he added.

Cameron also said the Queen was "always" up to speed, adding "you have to make sure you are well-informed too if I can put it that way".

PM pledges Libya support in 'challenging transition'

They talked about how the UK would continue to support the Libyan government and the Libyan people during this challenging transition, including support in helping them overcome the security challenges that they face and that are so important in overcoming in order to achieve a stable, free, peaceful and prosperous Libya.

– The Prime Minister's spokesman

Prime Minister vows to win back Conservative voters

David Cameron has lost council seats to Ukip. Credit: Roger Bool/PA Wire/Press Association Images

David Cameron today pledged to "work really hard" to win back voters who abandoned the Conservatives for the Ukip as Nigel Farage's party made a series of stunning gains in the council elections.

The UK Independence Party leader claimed a "sea change" in British politics as they gained 131 council seats - far more than predicted - while securing second place in the South Shields parliamentary by-election.

Having previously derided Ukip as "fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists", the Prime Minister adopted a notably more emollient tone, promising to show "respect" for those who voted for them.

However he immediately came under pressure from Tory right-wingers to firm up his commitment to a referendum on Britain's EU membership in a bid to counter their appeal.

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