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Prince Andrew set to replace unwell Anne on Africa trip

Princess Anne was recently treated at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary for a chest infection. Credit: PA Wire

Prince Andrew will replace Princess Anne on a forthcoming royal visit to southern Africa as she continues to recover from a chest infection.

The 66-year-old's illness was announced last week as her diary of immediate engagements was cleared on doctor's orders to allow her to recuperate at home.

A Buckingham Palace spokesperson confirmed she will now miss the trip to Botswana and Mozambique at the end of the month.

The Princess Royal is still recovering from a bad chest infection. HRH's working programme for next week has therefore been scaled back, with a number of engagements cancelled.

As a precaution, on the advice of doctors, the Princess will not undertake the planned visit to Botswana and Mozambique at the end of the month. HRH The Duke of York will now undertake this visit.

– Buckingham Palace spokesperson


Duke of York publicly denies sex claims

Prince Andrew has faced the cameras and faced down claims he'd had sex with a teenage American girl.

He began a speech at the world economic forum in Switzerland this afternoon with three scripted sentences about what he called the events that have taken place in the last few weeks.

ITV News Royal editor, Tim Ewart reports:

Prince Andrew: 'My focus is on my work'

Prince Andrew has taken to a public stage for the first time since a sex scandal broke that had seemed to engulf him.

In his first comments - in front of business leaders in Davos - he reiterated earlier denials and insisted "my focus is on my work".

ITV News Royal editor Tim Ewart reports from Davos:

Prince Andrew publicly denies sex claims

Prince Andrew has spoken for the first time since sex claims were made against him by a woman in the US. Speaking in Davos, the Duke of York said he "reiterated and affirmed" earlier statements released on his behalf by Buckingham Palace.

Firstly I think I must - and want - for the record, to refer to events that have taken place in the last few weeks.

I just wish to reiterate and to reaffirm the statements which have already been made on my behalf by Buckingham Palace.

My focus is on my work.


Buckingham Palace has issued two statements in the past few weeks denying the allegations made against the prince.


Prince Andrew speaks in public for first time since allegations

Prince Andrew has spoken for the first in public since sex claims were made against him, ITV News economics editor Richard Edgar reports from Davos.

US lawyer in dark over Prince Andrew sex claims

An American lawyer, named alongside Prince Andrew in US court papers, says he has no knowledge of the Duke's relationship with the claimant Virginia Roberts.

Alan Dershowitz told ITV News: "I don't know what his relationship, if any, is with this woman.

"There is a photograph of him, there's no photograph of me. There's a diary with him, there's no diary with me.

"I hope if he is innocent, he can catergorically deny and make the same defence I'm making. But if he has anything to hide, obviously he's in a very different situation."

Mr Dershowitz, who is also a Harvard law professor, claims the woman is lying and says even according to her own account she was not underage at the time.

He added: "She claims she got paid for it. There's a word for that. She's admitting that she's been a prostitute."

Prince Andrew yet to see court papers over sex claims

Prince Andrew has yet to respond to the new 'orgy' claims. Credit: Reuters

Prince Andrew has not yet seen any court papers requesting his cooperation over sex claims against him, ITV News understands.

Lawyers for the woman behind the claims, Virginia Roberts, say they sent a letter to the prince via FedEx couriers last week.

The letter requests the Duke of York to be interviewed under oath "regarding interactions" he allegedly had with Ms Roberts in early 2001.

FedEx reportedly said the letter was refused by the recipient.

But ITV News has been told the prince has not been at Buckingham Palace to receive any paperwork so therefore could not refuse it.

It comes after new allegations by Ms Roberts surfaced today claiming she had an "orgy" with the prince and eight other girls.

Prince Andrew arrives in Davos for business speech

Prince Andrew has arrived in Davos, Switzerland, to give his first public speech since sex claims were made against him.

ITV's Royal Editor Tim Ewart, who is there, said the prince was "circulating openly".

But he revealed Davos security had told press to stop filming him saying: "It's enough".

It has been speculated the Duke of York may use his speech to address allegations made in US court papers that he had sex with a teenage girl and new claims he was involved in an "orgy" with nine girls.

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