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Surge in post-Brexit vote hate crimes has 'fallen off'

Amber Rudd said a surge in hate crimes in July appeared to be a brief spike Credit: PA

A surge in racist hate crimes immediately after the EU referendum has "fallen off" in the following months, the Home Secretary has said.

Amber Rudd told MPs that a 41% rise in reported religious and racist abuse in July appeared to have been a brief spike.

In response to questions from Labour's Maria Eagle, she said: "I can give some reassurance to her that that unpleasant, unwelcome spike ... of hate crime has now fallen off."

Figures previously released by the Home Office show the number of hate crimes fell from July to August, but remained higher than before the referendum.


Black artists hold their own awards amid Oscars row

Leading black artists in America have held their own awards ceremony to celebrate talent they say is going unrecognised by the organisers of the Oscars.

The All Def Movie Awards night was held largely in response to a row over a lack of diversity at the Academy Awards, ITV News correspondent Nina Nannar reports.

The rapper Ice Cube said the event was intended as a celebration - but struck out at the Oscars as he said "tonight is our night".

You know I don’t think you should worry about somebody else’s event, you should worry about your own event.

They will do their thing on Sunday, but tonight is our night.

– Ice Cube

The award will be broadcast on Sunday night, putting them squarely up against coverage of the Oscars.

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