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Ray Winstone coaches veterans ahead of stage debut

Actor Ray Winstone has been coaching a group of veterans who have joined a theatre group created to give them a voice.

The veterans will perform in a stage play on Remembrance Sunday which is based on and starring men and women who have found therapy in theatre.

Ray Winstone has been giving the veterans a masterclass in engaging with their emotions before they perform the Bravo 22 play 'Unspoken' which was written after interviews and workshops with veterans.

The project has been funded by the Royal British Legion.

Ray Winstone: Britain 'being raped by high taxes'

Britain is being "raped by high taxes", actor Ray Winstone said today. "I don't see what we're being given back," he told talkSPORT radio.

Ray Winstone says Britain is 'being raped by high taxes'. Credit: Doug Peters/EMPICS Entertainment

The star of Sweeney Todd and Sexy Beast, said: "I can see myself leaving here quite soon, actually. I love this country, but I've had enough of it, I don't see what we're being given back. I just see the country being raped."

As for politicians, the 56-year-old Londoner said: "I wouldn't trust any of them. Maybe we should all stop voting and then something would be done about it."



Hallam: "Whole system was unfair"

In an interview with the BBC, Mr Hallam said that everything was unfair.

The whole system, the whole police process, the court process. Obviously it was not fair. Everything was not right.

The original police investigation was not done properly. They could have done things then to eliminate me but they never...

...It was horrible. I had to get used to it. I couldn't do anything. It was only, it was only my supporters and family who could help.

Hallam was victim of 'serious miscarriage of justice'

Sam Hallam's conviction was overturned in the light of fresh evidence relating to his alibi and identification.

His case came before the appeal judges after it was referred to the court by the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC), the independent body which investigates possible miscarriages of justice.

His QC Henry Blaxland told the judges yesterday that Sam Hallam has been the victim of:

"A serious miscarriage of justice brought about by a combination of manifestly unreliable identification evidence, the apparent failure of his own alibi, failure by police properly to investigate his alibi and non-disclosure by the prosecution of material that could have supported his case."

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