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PM warns party and Britain faces 'huge battles' ahead

Prime Minister David Cameron has addressed the Scottish Conservatives Conference in Stirling and declared that there are "huge battles" ahead for his party and Britain.

He told party members at the Albert Halls: "(The battles are) in 2014 - saving our United Kingdom (from Scottish Independence).

"2015 - giving Britain the Conservative government she needs, and in 2016, giving Scotland a strong Conservative alternative she deserves."


PM: No turning back in government spending review

Prime Minister David Cameron has told the Scottish Conservatives Conference in Stirling that he is "humbled" by the work of party activists and declared that his party will not be "turning back" in the forthcoming government spending review.

On the issue of Scottish independence, he said "we need to win an argument 'in the head and in the heart'."

David Cameron: 'Breaking up the UK is not the answer'

In a speech at the Scottish Conservatives conference today, David Cameron will argue there is no challenge the country is facing to which "breaking up Britain is the right answer".

The UK's history "has always been one of shared endeavour", with different countries "proud in our individual identities but working together for a common good", Mr Cameron is expected to say.

Prime Minister David Cameron pictured will give a speech about the future of the UK today. Credit: Press Assocation

"We saw it when our soldiers fought together under one flag on the beaches of Normandy. We saw it when our doctors came together to build our NHS.

"We saw it in the scientific breakthroughs that we made together: from the television to penicillin. And we saw it last summer as athletes from around Britain, no matter where they were from, draped themselves in one flag."

But there is "still so much more to come", he will say, asking: "Why wouldn't we want to face the future together?"

David Cameron: Pull UK together not apart

The United Kingdom should be "pulling together, not pulling apart", the Prime Minister will insist today in a speech at the Scottish Conservatives party conference in Stirling.

David Cameron will cite the UK's success at last summer's Olympics and the efforts of British soldiers in World War Two as he calls on people in Scotland to remain part of a "prosperous, compassionate Britain".

David Cameron is to make a speech at the Scottish Conservative party conference in Stirling. Credit: Press Association.

A referendum on independence next year will decide if Scotland remains in the UK. Alex Salmond's Scottish National Party administration at Holyrood is making its case for the country to become independent.

Mr Cameron will use his speech at the Scottish Conservatives party conference today in Stirling to set out his vision for Scotland's place in the UK.

He will argue there is no challenge the country is facing to which "breaking up Britain is the right answer".


Polling stations open in Egypt for referendum

Polling stations have opened in Egypt in the second and final round of a referendum on a new constitution. It was drafted by an assembly which the opposition says is polarising the nation.

After a first round vote last week which unofficial results showed as 57 per cent approval of the constitution, polls opened again at 8am local time (6am GMT).

Polls are scheduled to close at 7pm (5pm GMT) but could be kept open longer as they were last week.

The opposition said voting in the first round was littered with abuses. Officials overseeing the poll have said there was no major irregularities.

SNP: 'Home rule journey coming to conclusion'

Alex Salmond, Scotland's first minister, said in a speech at the SNP conference: "It is past time for a fresh start for our nation, when opportunities will be seized and not lost. When our resources will be harnessed for the common wheel and not squandered.

"We'll use our wealth to nurture and not destroy. We seek independence for a reason. It is not for me, not for this party, it is for a new opportunity for every person in Scotland.

"Independence is about family and future. It is for a more equal Scotland and the opportunity to change our nation for good. To reach a flourishing green economy a fair society, a chance of a better society. What greater prizes can there be for any nation?

"Scotland's time is coming. Our home rule journey is coming to its conclusion. Together we say yes to Scotland and to independence."

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