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Republicans plan to extend convention thanks to hurricane

Republicans are considering extending their Tampa convention by one day thanks to hurricane Isaac.

The storm is expected to turn into a Category 2 hurricane and hit the Gulf Coast between Louisiana and Florida in the middle of the week. Republican party members say the convention is due to start on Tuesday and finish on Thursday, but this might change.

Disruptions in Tampa or along the Gulf Coast could make officials extend it by one day.

Man charged over Ulster riots

Police have charged a man with public disorder offences related to last week's disturbances in North Belfast.

The accused, 33, is also charged with similar crimes at the Ardoyne sectarian flashpoint on the same date seven years ago.

Cars were hijacked, petrol bombs thrown and many police injured during last Thursday's riots.

It followed a peaceful Orange Order march through the predominantly nationalist Ardoyne area on the Twelfth of July, the culmination of the Protestant loyal orders' marching season.

Republicans protesting at the parade fought police drafted in to secure the area for hours. Officers used water cannon and non-lethal baton rounds to disperse the rioters. The man is due in Belfast Magistrates' Court on Monday 16th July.