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Premier League agrees to pay outgoing boss Scudamore £5million in recognition of 'outstanding work'

The Premier League has agreed to pay its outgoing boss Richard Scudamore £5million over the next three years. Credit: PA

The Premier League has agreed to pay its outgoing boss Richard Scudamore £5million over the next three years in recognition of his "outstanding work", the organisation has confirmed.

This farewell gift was first proposed by Chelsea chairman Bruce Buck, a close ally of Scudamore's, but has been widely criticised by supporters, with the Football Supporters' Federation calling it "hugely unpopular".

But club bosses, who are meeting in London on Thursday for a scheduled Premier League shareholders' meeting, have ignored those protests and agreed to the payment.

In a statement, the league said Scudamore's golden handshake was agreed by the audit and remuneration committee, which is chaired by Buck, and will be spread over three years.

They will also depend on the 59-year-old agreeing to a "comprehensive set of non-compete clauses" in terms of the roles he takes on in the future and that he remains available to his successor Susanna Dinnage "in an advisory capacity".

The statement added that the payments are also "in recognition of the outstanding work Richard has carried out over the last 19 years" and the league would like to put on record its thanks for his "exceptional contribution to the success of the league".


Scudamore believes England has big club obsession

Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore says the Football Association should broaden its horizons and not use the influx of foreign talent as an excuse for England.

Scudamore sees no reason why England must select from the top clubs. Credit: PA

Scudamore believes the shortage of English players at clubs in the upper echelons of the Premier League has become too much of an obsession, suggesting there is nothing wrong with looking further down the ladder.

The Premier League boss highlights Costa Rica as an example of how it is possible to succeed on the international stage without an array of big-name stars.

"Widen your horizons," he told the Independent and the Telegraph. "Why shouldn't the England team come from the top 12 teams in the Championship and the bottom 10 of the Premier League if they are English and good enough?

"(Take) Costa Rica. They played well in the World Cup, where are they playing their league football? We get hung up that they can't be good enough unless they are playing for Chelsea or Manchester United."

FA chairman: Scudamore emails 'totally inappropriate'

Chairman Greg Dyke said the Football Association is still of the view that the leaked Richard Scudamore sexism emails are "totally inappropriate," but no action will be taken.

Greg Dyke speaking at an event last week Credit: Nick Potts/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Mr Dyke reiterated in a statement that the FA had "made it clear that Mr Scudamore was not an employee of the Football Association."

The FA chairman also said that he had been reassured the Premier League's decision to back Mr Scudamore had "followed proper process" and came after a "thorough investigation."

Scudamore's PA: Decision 'kick in the teeth for women'

The former personal assistant to Richard Scudamore has written an article in which she calls the Premier League's decision to back their boss a "kick in the teeth for women."

Rani Abraham leaked emails from the Premier League chief executive containing sexist conversations about female colleagues.

Writing in a column for The Guardian, Miss Abraham said she felt "there's been a real injustice, that they're not taking any notice of what he did."

Rani Abraham is afraid the Premier League's handling of the Scudamore case will send out the wrong message Credit: Good Morning Britain / ITV

She also raised her fears that "maybe the Premier League's decision will send out another signal entirely and bosses will think: 'If Richard Scudamore can get away with it, so could I'."

The Premier League chief executive has apologised for his remarks.


Minister: Culture in some key sports 'tolerates sexism'

Treasury minister Andrea Leadsom has said that there is a culture within some key sports which "tolerates sexism".

Responding to criticism of Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore over leaked emails, she told ITV News: "I haven't looked at apparently some of the more salacious emails, but I do think there is a culture, particularly in some of the key sports, that does perhaps tolerate sexism."

She added: "I think it is incredibly unfortunate, because we can all take a joke, but actually it's very important that women are seen as colleagues and equals and encouraged to the best they can do."

"It depends. When does a joke become something that is actually harmful and humiliating for woman? I can't really comment in this particular case, but personally I would like to see men in particular respecting their colleagues as equals whether they are men or women."

FA equality panel to discuss Scudamore emails

A Football Association equality panel will meet later today to discuss the leaked emails from Premier League chief exec Richard Scudamore.

Yesterday the Premier League investigation said there would be no further action and no further disciplinary action over the emails.

Read: 'No further action' over Scudamore emails

The advisory board, chaired by independent member Heather Rabbatts will look into the emails and the Premier League's handling of the case.

Yesterday David Cameron added his voice to the row, saying he did not think a minister would survive the scandal.

I don't think they would. I have to be careful what I say because I haven't seen these specific emails, but...we have to set and keep high standards in politics.

I have tried to enforce that in my own party. I haven't actually seen the emails myself but obviously people should treat everybody else with respect.

Scudamore has 'done a fantastic job' as Chief Exec

Richard Scudamore has "done a fantastic job" at the Premier League, prior to the scandal caused by leaked sexist emails, former Manchester United footballer Dwight Yorke said.

Speaking before an official statement from the Premier League said Scudamore would face no further action, Yorke said the League Chief Executive had made an "elementary mistake."

Racism and sexism 'should not be in football'

Les Ferdinand has said that racism and sexism have no place in football.

Speaking to ITV News after a series of emails containing sexist comments from Premier League Chief Executive Richard Scudamore were leaked, the former England international said;

"We talk about racism, we talk about sexism - and all these things shouldn't be in football."

Ferdinand was speaking before the Premier League ruled that Scudamore wouldn't face any further action for the emails.

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