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Rosetta spacecraft's final path before comet crash

This is the final path Rosetta took before it crashed into a comet.

Scientists at the European Space Agency deliberately sent the spacecraft into comet 67P marking the end of its 12 year mission.


Rosetta mission team: Philae probe is officially dead

Video report by ITV News' science correspondent Alok Jha:

Rosetta Mission scientists have officially given up trying to contact the Philae probe which landed on Comet 67P, 300 million miles from earth, in November 2014.

The probe did manage to send back some data after its initial historic, rocky landing and was transmitting valuable information for about 60 hours but since then it has been mainly silent.

Now scientists believe it is buried in dust and too cold to start operating again.


Professor: Philae lander news like being a new mother

Professor Monica Grady has likened the news the Philae lander is awake to a combination of winning the lottery, being a new mother and her wedding day.

The Open University professor, who worked on the project, said: "This is really, really, tremendous news. I cant get across how excited and happy I am."

"We've been waiting since November for this to happen. My reaction when I received the news was is it true? I was trembling."

She said the team would now have to wait for the lander to warm up before continuing with their experiments.

Rosetta mission calls Philae's awakening 'incredible news'

The European Space Agency's Rosetta mission has called the awakening of its Philae lander "incredible news":

Professor says she's 'in tears again' at Philae news

The professor who cried with excitement on finding out Philae had successfully landed on a comet has said she is "in tears again" after it woke up.

Professor Monica Grady of the Open University, who worked on the project, wrote on Twitter:

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