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'A story of struggle': McGuigan tribute to 'Hurricane'

Former professional boxer Barry McGuigan has joined tributes to US boxer Rubin "Hurricane" Carter calling him an "exceptional fighter."

McGuigan, the 1985 World Boxing Association featherweight Champion, also spoke of the "sadness" felt with the passing of Carter saying it was a "sad day for boxing".

"Boxing is the story of struggle," McGuigan said, "If you think about Carter's life he fought against the elements, he always seemed to be pushing against authority [...] so that struggle in itself epitomises the struggle of a fighter [...] working hard to achieve your goal."

"Eventually he got out [of jail] and he had his success which meant he died a free man."


Prosecutors 'used race card' against boxer Carter

A British human rights barrister who tried to overturn the wrongful murder conviction of US boxer Rubin "Hurricane" Carter has paid tribute to him following his death at the age of 76.

Geoffrey Robertson QC was part of Carter's defence team at his retrial in 1976 after the sportsman had been jailed for a triple murder in Paterson, New Jersey 10 years earlier.

Robertson said Carter was "demonised" by prosecutors using the "inflammatory race card" and he became a "living argument against the death penalty".

"Hurricane" Carter was eventually freed in November 1985. Credit: S&G and Barratts/EMPICS Sport

The barrister said: "Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter's first conviction and his reconviction were miscarriages of justice by prosecutors who had evidence of his innocence and demonised him for his black power activism in front of small town white jurors.

"I'll never forget walking with him down the streets of Paterson, New Jersey, and receiving the stares of raw hatred from white folk of the town."

Carter, who had prostate cancer, died in his sleep at home in Toronto earlier today, according to his long-time friend and carer John Artis.

Boxer Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter 'dies aged 76'

Rubin "Hurricane" Carter with Denzel Washington. Credit: Reuters

Rubin "Hurricane" Carter, the US boxer whose wrongful conviction for murder was the subject of a Bob Dylan song and a film starring Denzel Washington, has died aged 76.

Carter spent 19 years in prison and was released in 1985 after it was determined he did not get a fair trial, with his case having become a symbol of racial injustice.