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Davidson denies Scottish Tories may break from UK party

Ruth Davidson said there was no truth to the reports. Credit: PA

The Scottish Conservatives leader Ruth Davidson has firmly denied claims that her party could break away from the main UK party.

She hit back at a report from the Daily Telegraph suggesting that her aides were secretly working on a deal to split the parties after the Tories saw gains north of the border but losses in England in the General Election.

Writing on Twitter, Ms Davidson said the claim was"b****cks".

"Folk might remember I fought a leadership election on the other side of that particular argument," she added.

The comment referenced her opposition to a similar plan put forward by rival Murdo Fraser in the contest to lead the Scottish Tories in 2011.

Davidson: Tax credit cuts will cause suffering

Tax credit cuts will cause unacceptable "suffering" for poorer families, Ruth Davidson has warned.

Ruth Davidson. Credit: PA Wire

The Scottish Conservative leader is the latest Tory to voice concern over the policy.

Ms Davidson said the cuts were necessary but needed to be introduced more carefully.

"It's not acceptable. The aim is sound, but we can't have people suffering on the way," she told the Mail on Sunday.

"The idea that there's a cliff edge in April before the uptake in wages comes in is a real practical human problem and the Government needs to look again at it."