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Pro-Brexit Tories defend £350 million figure

Vote Leave has defended its claim that the NHS will gain an extra £350 million a week if Britain chooses Brexit.

Priti Patel. Credit: PA Wire

Tory MP Sarah Wollaston told ITV News the figure was "untruthful" and "misleading" as she explained her reasons for defecting from the campaign to leave the EU.

Priti Patel, the employment minister, told the BBC it was a "gross figure" and recognition "of money that we send to the EU that we have no control over as a government".

John Redwood said he hoped Dr Wollaston would reconsider as he acknowledged that the £350 million was a gross figure of the UK's contribution to the EU, before the rebate and the money that came back to the UK.


Obesity is 'a very important cause of health inequality'

Low-income children were more at risk of obesity than their peers, dubbing it "a very important cause of health inequality, according to a GP turned MP.

The chair of the Health Select Committee, Sarah Wollaston told Good Morning Britain 12% of children from the most deprived backgrounds were obese when they started primary school, where as "24% being obese," by the time they finished primary school.


Tory MP attacks colleague over women 'burden' claim

Sarah Wollaston, a Conservative MP and a former GP, has criticised her colleague Anne McIntosh, [who claimed the NHS is facing a huge burden from female doctors who will want to have children and only work part-time]((