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Your views on school uniforms

On the ITV News Facebook page we have been asking whether schools have a "moral responsibility" to keep the cost of pupils' uniform down. Here are some of your views:

I totally believe that school clothing prices are ridiculous, just one school named jumper for my 6 year old son was £9.75!!!! That's without any other clothing.

– Karen Austin

Finally. Our school changed the uniform to a classic tie and blazer scenario and insisted on top brands like Trutex etc. They also changed all of the sports kits, so having 3 children this was a big hit.

– Tony Hanselman

Yes, they do , with the cost of school uniforms, school fund, and school trips, it's getting out of hand. I feel sorry for families today, I am so glad all my children have grown up.

– Anne Colin


Four in five parents believe school uniform helps maintain discipline

A separate poll revealed that almost four in five (79%) parents believe wearing a uniform helps maintain discipline in schools.

School uniforms helps maintain discipline, say parents Credit: Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

And 97% of parents believe that price is the most important factor to consider when buying uniform, followed by quality and longevity (96% and 95% respectively), according to the survey by the Schoolwear Association.

It also found that 73% of parents agree that school uniform is better value than allowing children to wear their own clothes to school.

What schools can do to keep the cost of uniforms down

The LGA have suggested that in order to keep uniform costs down, schools should;

  • Choose clothing that is widely available.
  • Choose logos or emblems that can be bought as sew-on or iron-on patches.
  • Pick a colour scheme rather than a full uniform.
  • Give parents the opportunity to buy and sell items.
  • Use a plain PE kit that can be used for different sports

More than half of secondary schools are now academies

  • Recent figures show that more than half of England's secondary schools have now converted to academy status, and around 50 free school are due to open from this September.
  • Twenty-four free schools opened in 2011.
  • Free schools are new schools set up by groups such as parents, teachers and charities.
  • The LGA said that schools which decide to alter their uniform - for example a newly converted academy that decides to change its emblem - should restrict changes to one or two items or to sew-on logos.

Parents 'are struggling to afford new school uniforms'

In the current education landscape dozens of schools across the country are changing their names or identities.

It is understandable that many will want to mark this, but they need to remember that parents do not have an endless pot of cash for new school clothing.

Headteachers have a moral responsibility to minimise any additional costs that occur because they change their name or status, for whatever reason.

– Councillor David Simmonds, chair of the LGA's Children and Young People Board
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