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Brown says Peres will be remembered as a peacemaker

Gordon Brown with Shimon Peres at Downing Street in 2008. Credit: PA

Gordon Brown has said Shimon Peres will be mourned around the world.

The former prime minister said: "Shimon Peres will be remembered as a peacemaker - mourned on every continent by men and women committed to ending war.

"He understood the importance of negotiation because he understood the cost of war. He was not an idealist for peace out of vision alone but because he had lived through times of conflict.

"His personal journey through life challenges us all to think how best we can promote peace and reconciliation."


Bill Clinton: Shimon Peres was my brilliant friend

Former president of the US, Bill Clinton, has said he "will miss Shimon Peres" in a glowing tribute on Twitter.

He added Peres was his "brilliant and eloquent friend", and "his life was a blessing".

Tony Blair: Shimon Peres was a political giant

Tony Blair greeted then Israeli Foreign Affairs Minister Shimon Peres in 2003. Credit: PA

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has said Shimon Peres was "a political giant" and "someone I loved deeply".

Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis pays tribute to Shimon Peres

Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis. Credit: PA

Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis has paid tribute to Shimon Peres and described the former president and prime minister as a "true giant amongst men".

"There will be countless tributes to Shimon Peres over the coming days, but I fear that few, if any, will adequately capture the palpable sense of collective grief felt across the world, nor do justice to the memory of a true giant amongst men.

"It is true that Shimon Peres was a great statesman. He was the noblest of soldiers, a born leader, a uniquely talented diplomat, an inspiring speaker and a relentless campaigner.

"But, more significantly than any of those things, Shimon Peres was the greatest living example of an unshakable belief in the pursuit of peace against all odds."

He added: "No matter what the future holds, your legacy lives on in the Jewish people who will never rest until we achieve our eternal dream of peace among the peoples of the world."

Shimon Peres' legacy 'will remain with us all'

Rafi Walden reads a statement on Wednesday. Credit: Reuters

Rafi Walden, Shimon Peres' doctor and son-in-law, has said his legacy "will remain with us all".

Shimon Peres left us without suffering.

Until the day of the stroke, he was fully fit. Ten months ago, he suffered a minor heart attack, treated at the Sheba Medical Centre, and his recovery was astounding.

He returned to full activity at the Peres Centre for Peace and Innovation, including trips to South Africa, Canada, meeting with the Pope and many others.

During his meetings across the world, we were amazed time and again, including the past years, to see world leaders stand before him like students before the Rabbi, eager to hear his wisdom.

We all believed that so much more still awaited him. That Israel and the world would continue to benefit from his contributions. His life ended abruptly, when he was still working on his great passion: strengthening the country and striving for peace. His legacy will remain with us all.

Thank you.

– Rafi Walden


Barack Obama pays tribute to Shimon Peres

Obama presents the presents the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Shimon Peres in 2012. Credit: Reuters

US President Barack Obama has paid tribute to Shimon Peres as a man who "was rooted in his own unshakeable moral foundation and unflagging optimism".

Obama said Peres was "guided by a vision of the human dignity and progress that he knew people of goodwill could advance together".

Noting how he had fought for the nation's independence and served public office for seven decades, President Obama called Peres "the essence of Israel itself".

"A light has gone out, but the hope he gave us will burn forever".

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