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Mother wants crematorium to be held accountable

Rebecca Adams was told there would be no ashes when her son Harry died. Credit: ITV News

Angry parents who were left with no ashes after their baby son died have called for someone to be held accountable.

Rebecca Adams, vice chair of Action for Ashes, said a funeral director told them there would be no remains of her son Harry left as he was under three years old.

But she later discovered this was not standard practice but a procedure carried out by Shrewsbury Crematorium.

She told a news conference: "We were led to believe that this was the case at any venue and just something we had to accept.

"If we knew otherwise, we would have gone somewhere else. Only years later did we discover that this was wrong.

"It is unacceptable and people have to be held accountable."

Parents call for national inquiry into babies' ashes

Parents who were never handed back their babies' ashes from crematoriums have called for a national inquiry into the scandal.

Glen Perkins, who founded support group Action for Ashes for families affected, lost his daughter Olivia seven years ago.

But he only became aware Emstrey Crematorium in Shropshire could have handed back some of her ashes 12 months ago.

After conducting his own investigation with the help of experts he says the crematorium would have been given remains every time -and he said the problem was not isolated to Shropshire.

He told a press conference: "We know of cases in Hull and Sheffield.

"There's been no mention of a national investigation, while there has been acknowledgment of a nationwide problem.

"I'm still calling on the Justice Minister to do the right thing and agree to a national investigation.

"These atrocities are happening as I read this statement. May God have pity on the people performing these inhumane acts of neglect."

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