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Sir Patrick Moore was 'very charming and hospitable'

Sir Patrick Moore at his home in West Sussex in 2000. Credit: Press Association

Sir Patrick Moore has been praised by fellow astronomers after the Sky at Night presenter passed away today.

Dr Marek Kukula, public astronomer at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, told the BBC: "When you came to his home he would always make sure you had enough to eat and drink.

He was full of really entertaining and amusing stories.

"There are many, many professional astronomers like me who can actually date their interest in astronomy to watching Patrick on TV, so his impact on the world of professional astronomy as well as amateur is hard to overstate."


Brian May: Sir Patrick was 'very peaceful in his last hours'

Dr Brian May had been visiting Sir Patrick Moore during his recent illness and yesterday appealing for messages from his Twitter follows to take to the ailing astronomer.

Today he thanked those who had sent Sir Patrick messages and said that he was, 'very peaceful in his last hours':

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