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SpaceShipTwo to offer passengers chance of floating about in zero gravity

Tickets for a ride aboard SpaceShipTwo will set you back £174,500 Credit: Mark Greenbe / DPA/PA Images

Sir Richard Branson says his Virgin Galactic team have been working day and night for the past 15 months to get SpaceShipTwo ready for taking passengers on a trip of a lifetime.

Here is what you can expect from purchasing a £174,500-ticket for the voyage into space:

  • Flight time of approximately two hours
  • 60-minute journey from take-off to release from the WhiteKnightTwo carrier at approximately 50,000ft
  • Independent flight time of 30 times
  • "Unique thrills of spaceflight, enjoying the opportunity to leave seats to float in zero gravity for several minutes"
  • Filmed version of the flight

Taking into account the 30-minute independent flight time, based on the full price of a ticket, half an hour on the unsupported spaceship will cost £5,800, or roughly about £97 per second.

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