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Ben Needham's grandfather and police at scene of search

Det Supt Matt Fenwick, of South Yorkshire Police, talks to the press in Kos. Credit: ITV Yorkshire

South Yorkshire Police officers are searching farmland on the Greek island of Kos close to where Sheffield toddler Ben Needham went missing 21 years ago. Ben's grandfather, Eddie, is assisting the search.

Ben's grandfather Eddie with police at the scene of the toddler's disappearance in Kos. Credit: ITV Yorkshire

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PM has made a 'huge difference' to Hillsborough campaign

Lord Falconer has said David Cameron has made a "huge difference" to the Hillsborough families' pursuit of justice.

"It is the failure of all previous governments that went before until the current Prime Minister responded so well in relation to the report that has made the difference," he said.

"So now you have a Government, led by a Prime Minister, saying, 'This is a huge injustice, let's sort it out' - and that makes a real difference."

Lord Falconer added that the Government's follow-up to that support is "absolutely critical".

DPP 'should lead' united Hillsborough probes

Lord Falconer, an adviser to the Hillsborough victims' families, has told the Home Affairs Select Committee that the Director of Public Prosecutions believes the two probes into the conduct of officers at Hillsborough should be united as a single investigation.

He said the families endorsed the director, Keir Starmer QC, as the person to "coordinate and drive forward" a combined investigation, with the DPP effectively leading the IPCC probe.


Hillsborough campaigners seek 'clarity' on investigations

Justice campaigner Sheila Coleman spoke to the Home Affairs Select Committee.

Sheila Coleman, a spokeswoman for the Hillsborough Justice Campaign, has said the families and survivors "seek clarity" into the latest investigations into the conduct of serving and retired officers during the disaster.

She said they want assurances that no-one else involved in previous investigations into Hillsborough is involved in the current investigations launched by the Independent Police Complaints Commission and the Director of Public Prosecutions.

Mrs Coleman also said she was "heartened" to hear the Chief Constable of South Yorkshire Police did not want its force to play any part in the investigation into the conduct of its officers during Hillsborough.

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South Yorks police chief backs new Hillsborough inquest bid

David Crompton is giving evidence to the Home Affairs Select Committee. Credit: PA Wire

On his way into the Commons, South Yorkshire Police's Chief Constable David Crompton said he welcomed the decision to review the inquests on Hillsborough, saying it was the "right move."

Chief Constable Crompton has been called to the Home Affairs Select Committee to update it on his actions after the publication of the Hillsborough Independent Panel Report.

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