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Coroner and court to decide location of new inquest

If the application for a new inquest into the deaths of those killed in the Hillsborough tragedy is accepted then the court and the coroner will decide where the new inquest should take place, the Attorney General said today.

Labour MP Angela Smith said the new hearings "should definitely not be held in Sheffield" where the last inquest was heard. Pat Joynes, whose son was among those killed, agreed:

My opinion, and I think most families' opinion, would be for Liverpool because years ago we had to get over to Sheffield nearly every day for weeks after weeks on end, and it's just too much for us now, we are all getting older, the mums and dads.

Hillsborough families 'want manslaughter verdicts'

Pat Joynes (centre) with former Liverpool manager Rafael Benitez and John Power from Cast in 2009 Credit: Press Association

Pat Joynes, the mother of Nicholas Joynes killed in the Hillsborough tragedy, said she was "highly delighted" by the announcement of the Attorney General. She said the families want to see the original verdicts quashed:

"We want the accidental death verdicts quashed so we can get manslaughter verdicts. I have spoken to different families over the weekend, that seems to be the opinion and it is what I would want as well - corporate manslaughter and manslaughter verdicts."

"Ninety-six people can't die and hundreds injured without someone being held responsible. [...]It's another milestone yes. The truth, in my opinion, is finally coming out, I'm very pleased."


Liverpool MP: Inquests 'biggest steps forward in fight for justice'

Liverpool MP Steve Rotheram said today's call by the Attorney General to apply to the High Court for a fresh inquest into the Hillsborough deaths marked "one of the biggest steps forward in the fight for justice for the families in 23 years".

The undeniable fact is that the original inquest was unsound and this application, if successful, will mean that evidence will be able to be heard after the 3.15pm cut off imposed by the original Coroner in the 1989 inquests.

For the first time in over two decades, all the evidence can now be reviewed into the disaster and potentially a new verdict recorded on the death certificates of the deceased.

At long last, the full horror of Hillsborough will be on the public record alongside the names of the people and the organisations that are accountable for what happened

Attorney General to ask for original inquests to be quashed

The Attorney General has paved the way for a fresh inquest to be held into the deaths of 96 fans in the Hillsborough disaster 23 years ago. Dominic Grieve QC said he will apply to the High Court to have the verdicts of the original hearing quashed so a new one can be held. He said:

Following the publication of the Hillsborough Panel Report I have been considering whether to apply to the High Court for an order quashing the original inquests and ordering new inquests to be held.

My current view is that I will apply to have every one of those 96 inquests quashed. I believe that these deaths, arising as they do from a common chain of events, should all be considered afresh.

However, before reaching any final view on the scope of the application, I want to give the families affected the opportunity to make any representations in respect of the family member or members they lost. I will therefore be in contact with each family seeking views.

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