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talkSPORT to end Twitter promotion in Collymore row

talkSPORT has said it will not promote the station's or any of its presenters' Twitter accounts because of the site's "apparent lack of support" over the abusive tweets sent to its pundit Stan Collymore.

There will be no mentions of Twitter on air, in its SPORT Magazine or on its digital platforms "until the station feels that Twitter is responding appropriately."

Twitter: We take action when content is reported to us

Its chief executive has written to Twitter about their dissatisfaction. In a message posted on the station's site, Scott Taunton said:

We are dismayed at the lack of response and perceived inaction by Twitter.

Racist or abusive messages of this nature are illegal and unacceptable.

We have more than three million Twitter followers across our accounts but we will not promote these until we are satisfied that Twitter is doing its utmost to prevent abuse of this nature.

We have a duty of care to all our staff and presenters and until I am satisfied that Twitter is treating this seriously we will no longer promote Twitter accounts or use tweets on-air.

Yvette Cooper: Twitter must get their act together

The shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper has said Twitter "must get their act together" after football pundit Stan Collymore complained the site should do more to tackle abusive tweets:


Twitter: We take action when content is reported to us

Twitter UK has issued a statement about online abuse in the wake of the racism and threats received by former footballer and pundit Stan Collymore on the social network.

We cannot stop people from saying offensive, hurtful things on the Internet or on Twitter. But we take action when content is reported to us that breaks our rules or is illegal.

We have features that allow people to block accounts from following them, unfollow accounts they don’t want to see and filter the replies they receive - to put people in control of what they see on Twitter. We continue to invest in technologies that will give people more ways to customise their Twitter experience.

– @TwitterUK

Police 'investigating a number of offensive tweets'

Staffordshire Police have confirmed detectives "are investigating a number of alleged criminal offences in the form of offensive and racist comments made towards Stan Collymore via Twitter."

The former footballer turned pundit has spoken out against the abuse directed at him on the social network.

Stan Collymore: 'Twitter seems to be in its own bubble'

Football pundit Stan Collymore told ITV News he has not heard from Twitter about his concerns over abuse:

The former footballer said: "Twitter seems to be living its own bubble at the moment. If someone passed me and called me some of the abuse, and some of the threats we've seen in the last 24 hours, they would be arrested. "


How to report abusive 'trolling' on Twitter

Twitter recommend taking the following actions if users find themeselves the target of abuse on the social networking site:

  • If you see or receive an @reply you don’t like, unfollow and end any communication with that user.

Bullying UK: Trolls not beyond the long arm of the law

"Trolling" is straightforwardly bullying, intimidation and harassment perpetrated by a person who feels anonymous because they don't have to use their real identity.

People across the UK - young and old alike -really need to think carefully before they get involved in what they might feel is seemingly harmless and imagine how it may be taken by the person, or their friends and family, on the receiving end.

Actions on the internet can have real consequences and the law is clear that using a communication system to harass or intimidate another person is an offence.

The law protects those on the receiving end of trolling behaviour, as recent cases have shown: trolls are not beyond the long arm of the law

– Jeremy Todd, Family Lives, part of Bullying UK

Twitter users on Collymore's call for more abuse action

Twitter users have been reacting to former England striker Stan Collymore's call for the social networking website to do more to combat racist and other abusive tweets from internet "trolls".

Police investigating abusive tweets sent to Collymore

Staffordshire Police have confirmed that they are investigating alleged abusive tweets sent to Stan Collymore on Twitter.

We've been in contact with Mr Collymore to get more information and to reassure him that we will carry out a thorough and detailed investigation.

Such behaviour is completely unacceptable and we all have a shared responsibility to treat each other with dignity and respect.

It's our role to investigate complaints of criminal behaviour and, where appropriate, take action. When we become aware of complaints about potential criminal offences, we gather evidence to allow the Crown Prosecution Service to make a decision on whether to charge or not.

Our investigation into previous alleged offences is continuing and we are currently liaising with Twitter to obtain subscriber details.

– Staffordshire Police spokesman
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