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Summer jobs for students 'difficult to find'

Students trying to find work for the summer have found there are fewer jobs on offer, according to a poll.

Seasonal work has been harder to come by, according to students. Credit: PA

The survey, commissioned by The Student Room website, found 79% of the 529 students quizzed thought there were very few summer jobs available.

However, around a fifth (19%) found it easy to find seasonal work to earn money to see them through the upcoming academic year.

Students were earning money by sorting through dirty clothes, dressing up as seafood and stuffing Christmas crackers, the poll found.

Nearly half (45.7%) said they would be working in the retail industry, more than a fifth (22.6%) said they would be working in hospitality, such as bars and restaurants, 15.1% said office work, 10.6% said they would be doing internships and the others had secured other types of work.

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