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Acting Editor: 'Sunday Times abhors anti-Semitism'

You will know that the Sunday Times abhors anti-Semitism and would never set out to cause offence to the Jewish people - or any other ethnic or religious group.

That was not the intention last Sunday. Everyone knows that Gerald Scarfe is consistently brutal and bloody in his depictions, but last weekend - by his own admission - he crossed a line.

The timing - on Holocaust Memorial Day - was inexcusable. The associations on this occasion were grotesque and on behalf of the paper I’d like to apologise unreservedly for the offence we clearly caused. This was a terrible mistake.

– Martin Ivens, The Sunday Times acting Editor

Times cartoonist 'unaware' piece would be published on Holocaust Memorial Day

Sunday Times cartoonist Gerald Scarfe has issued a statement regarding the criticism he faced over a a cartoon published in the newspaper:

First of all I am not, and never have been, anti-Semitic.

The Sunday Times has given me the freedom of speech over the last 46 years to criticise world leaders for what I see as their wrong-doings.

This drawing was a criticism of Netanyahu, and not of the Jewish people: there was no slight whatsoever intended against them.

I was, however, stupidly completely unaware that it would be printed on Holocaust Day, and I apologise for the very unfortunate timing.

Yesterday News Corp chairman Rupert Murdoch was forced to apologise for the cartoon, which he described as "grotesque" and "offensive".


Cameron should 'come clean' over donations

Shadow cabinet office minister Jon Trickett said Mr Cameron now needed to "comes clean" about the full scale of his meetings with wealthy Tory donors:

He needs to establish an independent inquiry immediately so people can have confidence that this matter will be resolved.

This drip, drip of revelations cannot be allowed to continue. We need a full list of all donors met by David Cameron, not just those the Conservatives themselves class as 'significant'.

  1. Emily Morgan: ITV News Reporter

Latest Cruddas accusations are another gift for Labour

This is significant because Downing Street had always insisted that Peter Cruddas was a minor figure - and here he is seen boasting about his closeness to the Prime Minister.

It also adds weight to the accusation that Downing Street hasn't come clean about the numbers of donors the Prime Minister met at Chequers.

Number 10 will insist this is insignificant - but the Labour Party will no doubt jump on this and say that Ed Miliband has been much more transparent about the donors and backers he's had dinner and meetings with.


Tories face cover-up allegations, Sunday Times says

Peter Cruddas allegedly boasted to undercover Sunday Times reporters Credit: Sunday Times

Prime Minister David Cameron held numerous secret meetings with big Conservative Party donors that he did not declare, sparking accusations of a cover-up, according to the Sunday Times.

Disgraced Tory treasurer Peter Cruddas mixed with Cameron and big donors at over 12 private events, the paper said.