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Thai boxer suspended for titanium shin implant

A Thai boxer has been suspended by the World Muay Thai Council after fighting with a titanium implant in his shin.

The x-ray showing Chaiyasan's titanium implant. Credit: Twitter

Bandasak Chaiyasan defeated Noppadon Chalor with a knockout kick to the head in Chiang Mai, Thailand, on May 16th.

After the defeat, Chalor told reporters:

"I have never felt anything like that. I have been fighting for seven years and I have never felt anything like that kick."

It turns out Chalor's complaints were justified after x-ray images showing the controversial implant surfaced days after the bout.

According to Chaiyasan, the tituanian feature was necessary to aid the healing process after he suffered a snapped leg in sparring.

Unfortunately for the boxer, Muay Thai regulations state that any implant inside a healed leg is a violation of those rules and worthy of suspension.