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Singer Morrissey sends first tweet after five-year wait

Former The Smiths frontman Morrissey has sent his first tweet nearly five years after his account was created.

The 54-year-old joined Twitter in 2009, according to his profile.

One Direction video a Cameron 'musical highlight'

David Cameron's appearance at the door of 10 Downing Street in the One Direction Red Nose Day video was a personal musical highlight for the Prime Minister. Speaking at the music industry event in west London he added:

"Having met them I can confirm that the full name of the album title is Take Me Home It's Way Past My Bedtime."

The Prime Minister said the music industry drew people from around the world to the UK for "music tourism", adding:

"People coming to Britain to listen to great acts as I discovered to my cost on Sunday night when Muse played a small free concert outside my bedroom in 10 Downing Street when I was trying to get to sleep."


Cameron stakes a claim to Mumford And Sons US success

David Cameron also claimed to have played a part in the success of Mumford And Sons in the United States after getting them on the bill for a White House reception. He said:

"When Barack Obama said 'we're going to have a bit of a party for you at the White House when you visit, who do you want to be playing there?'.

"I said 'well there's this small band that I'm quite keen on and my wife's quite keen on - I'm not sure you will have heard of them - they're called Mumford And Sons'. And if only I had accepted a percentage, I'd be a lot better off."

Mumford and Sons play at the state dinner hosted by US President Barack Obama Credit: Press Association

The Smiths tell Cameron to listen to something else

David Cameron revealed tonight how he has been forced to stop listening to The Smiths because his taste in music left the band feeling embarrassed.

David Cameron speaking at the music event in west London Credit: PA Wire

The Prime Minister was speaking at an event to celebrate the success of the UK music industry which has achieved its highest ever share of global sales.

Singer Morrissey, former vocalist of 'The Smiths'

Mr Cameron said The Smiths asked him to stop mentioning them, adding:

"I'm a huge music fan but obviously it's been something of a music crisis year for me because Morrissey and Johnny Marr have said I'm not allowed to listen to The Smiths any more, so I've had to find some other stuff I am allowed to listen to."