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3 convicted of Thusha shooting 'shown no remorse'

Grant has previous convictions for robbery and possession of an offensive weapon, Kolawole for affray, and McCalla for robbery, affray, possessing an offensive weapon with intent and violent disorder.

Judge Stephens told the trio:

Not one of you has, in my judgement, shown a sliver of remorse

You, Grant, were the gunman and the other two your fully supportive lieutenants backing up all your actions to the hilt and giving you the support and encouragement to carry out these terrible deeds.

In my judgement, this is an exceptional case of the utmost gravity.

Shooting into a shop, a confined space where it was known there were people present, is an attack on society itself by men who saw themselves as outside the law and above the law.

'Determined intention to kill' of men who shot Thusha

Judge Martin Stephens QC said the trio had gone out with a "determined, premeditated intention to kill" that day.

Judge Stephens continued:

Mr Selvakumar was hit in the head but miraculously survived with a piece of bullet remaining in his head.

Five-year-old Thusha, who was dancing around with her family in the shop, was hit in the body. Only the skill and devotion of the medical teams who became involved saved her life but she remains paralysed below her chest and this condition is permanent.

This simple but devastating statement of the essential facts of the case illustrate the gravity of these offences, riddled as they are with aggravating factors.


Trio to be sentenced over Thusha gangland shooting

Three men will be sentenced today after being convicted of shooting a young girl in a gangland shooting in south London. Now six years old Thusha Kamaleswaran is in a wheelchair and paralysed for life.

Thusha was the innocent victim of a gang feud Credit: ITV News

Nathaniel Grant, Kazeem Kolawole and Anthony McCalla were convicted by an Old Bailey jury of causing her grievous bodily harm with intent.

The shooting happened at the Stockwell Food and Wine Store on in March 2011.

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