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Toronto mayor Rob Ford 'seeks substance abuse help'

Rob Ford, the controversial mayor of Toronto, is to "go get help" for "substance abuse" problems, his lawyer has said.

Toronto mayor Rob Ford is seeking help for a 'substance abuse problem'. Credit: Associated Press

Local paper the Toronto Sun quotes Mr Ford as saying he is "ready to take a break" from campaigning for re-election as mayor in order to seek help.

His lawyer, Dennis Morris told the Associated Press:

"He acknowledges he has a substance abuse problem and he wants to do something about it."

Toronto mayor launches re-election campaign

Toronto mayor Rob Ford, who gained worldwide infamy last year after admitting to smoking crack cocaine, has registered for re-election saying he was the best mayor in the city's history.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is famous for admitting to buying and smoking crack cocaine, and driving under the influence of alcohol. Credit: Reuters

Ford, who last year admitted to smoking crack cocaine whilst being in a "drunken stupor", said his slogan will be "Ford more years." He is expected to be opposed on both sides of the political spectrum. Speaking in Toronto today as he registered for the October 27 election, he said:

"My track record speaks for itself. If you want to get personal, that's fine. I'm sticking to my record, and talk is cheap. You're going to see action like you've never seen before."

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