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Toronto mayor launches re-election campaign

Toronto mayor Rob Ford, who gained worldwide infamy last year after admitting to smoking crack cocaine, has registered for re-election saying he was the best mayor in the city's history.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is famous for admitting to buying and smoking crack cocaine, and driving under the influence of alcohol. Credit: Reuters

Ford, who last year admitted to smoking crack cocaine whilst being in a "drunken stupor", said his slogan will be "Ford more years." He is expected to be opposed on both sides of the political spectrum. Speaking in Toronto today as he registered for the October 27 election, he said:

"My track record speaks for itself. If you want to get personal, that's fine. I'm sticking to my record, and talk is cheap. You're going to see action like you've never seen before."

Toronto mayor 'offered $5,000 and car for crack video'

Toronto mayor Rob Ford may have offered $5,000 (£2,860) and a car to men trying to sell a video that allegedly shows him smoking crack cocaine, police documents published in Canada's National Post show.

Toronto mayor Rob Ford has denied the claims he tried to buy the video. Credit: Chris Young/The Canadian Press

Police notes on a recorded phone conversation between two suspected gang members reportedly showed that Mr Ford was aware of the video's existence and wanted to buy it.

The men rejected the mayor's apparent offer and planned on asking for $150,000 (£85,850), according to a police document released by an Ontario Superior court judge.

Mr Ford, who admitted that he smoked crack in a "drunken stupor" around a year ago, has denied the claims.


Mayor: Maybe I hung around with the wrong company

Toronto's scandal-hit mayor Rob Ford has suggested that his past misdemeanours may be due to the fact that he "hung around with the wrong company".

In an interview with Canadian broadcaster CP24, he admitted again to having taken crack "maybe once" and to experimenting with party drugs in his youth:

Mayor: 'They are not going to find another Rob Ford'

Toronto's beleaguered mayor Rob Ford has told NBC's Today show: "They are not going to find another Rob Ford".

Ford, who eventually admitted smoking crack cocaine after a video surfaced of him doing it, told co-anchor Matt Lauer: "I can't even barely remember it. I was very, very inebriated".

Asked why he initially denied the allegations, Ford said he was asked by reporters, "'Do I use crack cocaine?' No, I don't use crack cocaine. No. Have I tried crack cocaine? Yes, I've tried crack cocaine".

He added: "I've embarrassed, not just myself, my family, my friends, my supporters, the whole city. I take full responsibility for that".

Ford, who faces an electoral race next year, said he "absolutely" still wants to be Toronto mayor, stating: "October 27 - let the people decide".

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford pushes over a woman

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has hit another setback after he pushed over a woman councillor during a heated council meeting.

He charged around the chamber after arguing with members of the public, before the speaker asked security to clear the chamber and a recess was called. Members of the public then chanted "Shame! Shame!" at the mayor.

The Mayor admits he has made mistakes, but says he remains ambitious, adding: "Have I had my outbursts in the past? Absolutely. But you know what, I'm only human. I've made mistakes. I've apologised."And he still covets the job.

"Yes, one day I do want to run for prime minister," he said.

Video shows Ford moving around the gallery and at one point he knocks over a woman councillor before picking her back up.

Report: Three votes against stripping mayor's powers

A reporter for the Toronto Sun has tweeted that councillors voted 39 to just three in favour of reducing Mayor Rob Ford's powers.

Ford himself was one of the three to vote against the measure.


Crack-smoking mayor is receiving professional help

The embattled mayor of Toronto has said he is "receiving advice from people with expertise" as yet more allegations about his drink- and drug-fueled escapades stack up.

Rob Ford threatened to take legal action against new claims that he took cocaine and hosted prostitutes in his office, describing them as "outright lies".

But he was also back on the defensive in a hastily-organised press conference at which he apologised for making "graphic remarks" on a radio show.

ITV News' Washington Correspondent Robert Moore reports:

341 arrests after investigation into 'child exploitation site'

A total of 341 people around the world have been arrested following an investigation into a website that allegedly distributed videos and images of child exploitation, police in Canada said.

Toronto Police Service said they were able to "determine the identities of customers of this website from around the world" and helped to pass on intelligence to more than 50 countries.

No British police forces are mentioned in the press release, although the An Garda Síochána of Ireland is among 11 agencies singled out as having participated.

Police said the three-year investigation resulted in 386 children being rescued from child exploitation.

Mayor refuses to step aside after crack admission

There were tense scenes in Toronto City Council today as mayor Rob Ford resisted calls to take a break from his duties after admitting to smoking crack among other scandals.

Asked by one councillor whether he had bought illegal drugs in the last two years, Ford answered "Yes I have" but went on to insist he did not have a drink or drugs addiction.

Ford is facing pressure to stand aside after councillors voted almost unanimously for a petition calling on him to take a break from his duties "to address his challenges privately".

Six months ago, a newspaper reported it had acquired a video of him smoking crack. Last week, another video emerged that showed him in an expletive-laden rant threatening murder.

Watch: Footage shows Toronto mayor threatening murder

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