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Security worries after passport sent to wrong person

A British passport seen in close up. Credit: Reuters

The Passport Office insisted it took security "extremely seriously" after it emerged that a passport, birth certificate and visa documents were sent to the wrong person.

The documents, intended for a Pakistani man living in Lancashire, were sent to nursery worker Sarah Threlfall in Broughton, North Wales.

Passport office 'told me to cancel my holiday'

A frustrated father was told to cancel his holiday by the passport office when they failed to renew his documents within the three week time frame.

Vincent Woodwood told Good Morning Britain he had phoned the passport office to check he had enough time to renew his documents before sending it off, only to be repeatedly told it was either delayed or they did not have his application.

While Vincent's has now arrived, he is still waiting for his daughter's new passport to be delivered before the family can travel on holiday on July 4.

Helen Grant 'confident' passports will arrive on-time

Tourism Minister Helen Grant has said she is "confident" Brits will get their passports on-time after suggesting would-be holiday-makers 'stay at home'.

Helen Grant says she's confident people will receive their delayed passports on-time. Credit: Reuters

"Helen Grant was crystal clear that she was confident that people would get their passports to be able to travel overseas," said a Department for Culture, Media and Sport spokesman.

"As tourism minister it is completely right that she champions the domestic tourism market, but she was in no way linking the two issues."

Ms Grant's comments that "there's a lot to be said for the staycation" angered Brits as a backlog of 30,000 passports continued to plague travel plans, during the highest demand in applications for 12 years.

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