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Gunmen storm Libyan Parliament as unrest spreads

Gunmen have stormed the Libyan Parliament and raided the offices of lawmakers, a Parliamentary deputy said.

A militia stands guard in front of the entrance to a militia camp in Benghazi on 16 May Credit: REUTERS/Esam Omran Al-Fetori

Gunmen had entered the General National Congress and set the building on fire, according to a Parliamentarian, after heavy gunfire rang out in Libya's capital Tripoli and clashes reportedly erupted in the south of the capital.

The gunfire came after more than 70 people were killed on Friday in clashes between irregular army forces and Islamist militants in Benghazi, the main city in the volatile east.

Report: Suspect arrested following Lebanon blasts

A suspect has been arrested following the double bombing in Tripoli which killed at least 42 people, according to AP.

Sheik Ahmad al-Ghareeb, who is said to have Sunni ties, appeared in surveillance footage at the site of one of the explosions.

The explosions, which appeared to be coordinated, went off outside two mosques as Friday prayers ended.

Report: Al-Qaeda blames Hezbollah for bombings

The North African branch of al-Qaeda has blamed Lebanese group Hezbollah for the deadly bombings in the city of Tripoli, according to the US-based SITE monitoring service.

AQIM, al-Qaeda's north African branch, said in a tweet that it knew “with certainty” that Hezbollah was responsible for the twin blasts that have killed at least 42 people.

It added: "That vile party... should know that it will meet retribution soon.”


Lebanon mosque blast: CCTV footage

New CCTV footage has emerged of the moment a blast rocked a mosque in Lebanon.

The film shows one of the two mosques targeted in today's blast, just before the explosion in the northern city of Tripoli.

People are seen gathering outside the mosque as Friday prayers end Credit: LBC

People are then seeing fleeing the mosque after the blast, some apparently stemming wounds as they escape.

Panic grips the worshippers following the blast Credit: LBC

It is understood one of the two mosques bombed is usually attended by Sunni cleric Sheikh Salem Rafii, although he was unharmed.

People appear dazed and some are tending injuries Credit: LBC

Foreign Office 'condemns abhorrent attacks in Tripoli'

I condemn today’s abhorrent attacks in Tripoli, Lebanon; my thoughts are with those who have lost friends and family as a result.

It is important that the Lebanese authorities are given the support they need to investigate this attack fully and return calm to the streets of Tripoli.

– Foreign office minister Alistair Burt
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