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HMS Illustrious personnel help repair school

Personnel from HMS Illustrious have enabled 450 children in the Philippines to return to school after repairing the building as part of their ongoing humanitarian mission.

HMS Illustrious personnel help children return to school Credit: Crown Copyright 2013

Royal Navy Merlin, Sea King and Army Lynx helicopters from Illustrious are sweeping the region to identify the worst hit areas before teams are despatched to help people to recover from the effects of Typhoon Haiyan.

HMS Illustrious personnel help children return to school Credit: Crown Copyright 2013

One such recent mission was the repair of the school on the island of Calagnaan to the north east of Panay. A specialist team of twenty men and women were deployed to carry out the work. The efforts of the team will allow 450 children to return to the school.

HMS Illustrious personnel help children return to school Credit: Crown Copyright 2013

British medics save lives of typhoon children

British medics aboard HMS Illustrious have carried out life-saving operations on two children left with infected limbs in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan, International Development Secretary Justine Greening has told MPs.

Justine Greening posted this image of a helicopter from HMS illustrious delivering aid to cut off islands. Credit: Twitter/ Justine Greening

Ms Greening told the Commons that along with the medical success stories, around 800,000 people in the Philippines are thought to have received help from the UK aid effort.

"This military support has been crucial in delivering relief to the more remote islands, including the provision of emergency medical assistance through the UK international trauma team," she said.


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HMS Illustrious delivers aid to Philippine islands

Aid is loaded onboard Credit: Royal Navy

Helicopters from HMS Illustrious have begun to deliver aid, people and equipment to small Philippine islands devastated by Typhoon Haiyan over a fortnight ago.

Lift off for aid effort Credit: Royal Navy

The Portsmouth-based helicopter and commando carrier arrived in the region to the north of Panay on Monday and immediately began surveying nearby islands to assess their needs.

Teams were sent to three islands Credit: Royal Navy

Recce teams were sent to three islands – Calagnaan, Canas and Bayas – and found extensive damage to homes and local infrastructure with little in the way of long term food supplies.

HMS Illustrious arrives in the Philippines to deliver aid

HMS Illustrious has arrived in the Philippines to begin to deliver humanitarian aid provided by the UK.

HMS Daring (front) and HMS Illustrious Credit: Ministry of Defence

The helicopter and commando carrier takes over from HMS Daring which has been distributing aid and assisting villagers in remote communities on islands to the north east of Panay for the past week.

HMS Illustrious Credit: Ministry of Defence

HMS Illustrious is carrying around 500 tonnes of UK aid which includes 12,500 blankets, 20,000 candles, 30,000 rice bags and 1,900 water carriers.

From our correspondent on board: Crew of HMS Illustrious prepare to mount huge aid effort


British aid for typhoon victims set to arrive in Philippines

British aircraft carrier HMS Illustrious is set to arrive in the Philippines today to deliver much-needed aid to the victims of Typhoon Haiyan.

HMS Illustrious is transporting aid from Singapore to the Philippines. Credit: PA

The ship is transporting 500 tonnes of supplies, including equipment that can turn sea water in to drinking water - something that is in very short supply in the worst hit areas.

HMS Illustrious crew en route to give aid to Philippines

A British aircraft carrier loaded with disaster relief supplies is within 24 hours of arriving in the Philippines.

Many of the crew on board HMS Illustrious have given up being at home with their families this Christmas, to help with the much-needed aid effort.

ITV News correspondent Dan Rivers reports from on board the Illustrious:

Justine Greening observes UK medics in the Philippines

International Development Secretary Justine Greening has joined UK and Australian medics in Tacloban, one of the worst affected areas in the Philippines typhoon, ahead of more supplies being brought by HMS Illustrious.

Ms Greening posted on Twitter: "Medics [are] doing amazing work treating people hurt by Typhoon Haiyan".

International Development Secretary Justine Greening in Tacloban. Credit: Twitter/Justine Greening
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