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UK tops list of best 'young' universities

The UK remains top of an international league table ranking the best universities under 50 years old.

There are 14 British institutions in the Times Higher Education's top 100, the joint highest number alongside Australian universities.

However, only one British institution, Lancaster University, made it into the top 10, climbing from 14th last year to 10th.


Cameron: Universities UK should review its guidance

The Prime Minster's spokesmen made clear that the PM wants a ban on gender-segregated audiences on campus even where men and women voluntarily separate themselves, but stressed that his comments did not relate to places of worship.

[The Prime Minister] does not believe that guest speakers should be allowed to address segregated audiences, so he believes that Universities UK should urgently review its guidance.

– The PM's spokesman told a daily Westminster media briefing

Cameron: No to gender segregated university audiences

Guest speakers should not be allowed to address gender segregated audiences in universities, David Cameron has said.

David Cameron addresses an audience at Oxford University in May. Credit: Oli Scarff/PA Archive/Press Association Images

The Prime Minister is urging Universities UK urgently to review guidance which endorsed the voluntary separation of men and women in audiences for debates and lectures involving Muslim speakers on campus.

Mr Cameron's comments come after Education Secretary Michael Gove denounced the guidance as "pandering to extremism" and called for it to be withdrawn.

400 students have university offers withdrawn after error

Almost 400 students have had their places at the University of Ulster withdrawn after emails of acceptance were accidentally sent to too many applicants.

The student were told they had unconditional offers for the School of Engineering when in fact there were not enough places for them.

Due to a computer error, an email was mistakenly sent out informing 370 applicants to courses in the School of Engineering that they had secured a place at the University – when in reality no decision had been taken on their applications.

The University has contacted those applicants who received the email to advise them of our regrettable mistake, and we will be also be making personal contact with them to offer our most sincere apologies.