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The world watches as Venus treks across the Sun

People across the world turned to the skies to watch as planet Venus made a rare trek across the face of the Sun. It will not happen again until 2117.

Children take turns to look at planet Venus transiting across the sun at a public viewing at the Singapore Science Centre. Credit: Reuters
The planet Venus transits across the sun, as seen through a welding filter in Sydney. Credit: Reuters
Members of a family use solar viewers to watch Venus passing between the Sun and the Earth in Cuernavaca, Mexico. Credit: Reuters


Images of the transit of Venus from the International Space Station

The crew of the International Space Station have been capturing images of Planet Venus' transit across the Sun.

NASA have tweeted links to some of these pictures taken by space station flight engineer Don Pettit.


Where to watch coverage of Venus' rare sun transit online

One of the rarest astronomical events will take place in the early hours of Wednesday morning when Venus passes directly between the sun and Earth.

The transit will take six and a half hours from 23:00BST.

You can watch coverage of the transit of Venus on the following websites:

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