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Savile 'clearly has been involved with officers'

Jon Christopher, of the West Yorkshire Police Federation, said people would ask precisely what was "going on" between Savile and senior police officers. He told BBC Breakfast:

I think people will look at it and think 'what is going on there?'. Because clearly he has been involved with a lot of officers and not just police officers, but other professionals as well.

Nevertheless, it's the police officers who are in the light with this one and clearly the lessons have to be learned from that, if he was under suspicion in other force areas that something could and should have been done at that time.

I think the problem we've got there is the people themselves will know what relationships they had and the extent of those relationships and if there is nothing recorded anywhere I think it is extremely difficult to prove otherwise.


68 Savile victims have come forward in West Yorkshire

A chart from the report showing the gender profile of 68 of Savile's victims have now come forward in West Yorkshire Credit: West Yorkshire Police

The report from West Yorkshire Police into its relationship with Jimmy Savile said 68 of his victims have now come forward in the force's area.

The report also reveals that his youngest victim was just five years of age and the oldest was 45.

No evidence of Savile 'Friday Morning Club' misconduct

West Yorkshire Police's report into the force's dealings with Jimmy Savile found there was no evidence to conclude that there was any 'impropriety or misconduct in relation to the Friday Morning Club'.

All of those people spoken to who had knowledge of the Friday Morning Club described it as a 'coffee morning'.

Non-police attendees commented on how professionally the police officers who had attended Savile's home conducted themselves.

Savile had friends who were police officers, but he also had friends that were solicitors, doctors and many other professions.

All inquiries have shown that Savile was able to hide his offending from those he came into contact with and who probably thought that they knew him well.

– West Yorkshire Police report

The report also examined the way in which WYP used Savile's celebrity status to front a range of campaigns and appeals.

It stressed that at the time he was "seen by most of the public as a man who did good work".

But it concluded: "The review team have concerns regarding the absence of a process to secure Savile's services for some of these events and also the over reliance on personal friendships that developed between Savile and some officers over a number of years to secure that support."


'Disturbing' Savile victims felt unable to speak to police

Victim Support, who advises West Yorkshire Police on sex abuse and who have helped Savile victims, has welcomed the force's report but said it is "disturbing" that none of Savile’s victims in the region felt able to contact officers about their complaints while he was still alive

We have supported many of Jimmy Savile’s victims and have seen first hand how much suffering he inflicted on so many lives.

We welcome the efforts West Yorkshire Police has made to be as transparent as possible about its relations with Savile during the years he was abusing girls, boys and young women and its own failures to share information internally and spot his pattern of offending.

It is disturbing that none of Savile’s victims in the West Yorkshire area felt able to come forward while he was still alive and we hope with help from organisations such as Victim Support the force will continue to improve public confidence in its ability to tackle sexual abuse.

– Lesley Mclean, Victim Support

'No doubt police made mistakes' in not linking events

West Yorkshire Police's report into its involvement with Jimmy Savile has highlighted the 'stark and shocking' fact that there are over 214 crimes nationally relating to Savile with only 'five coming to light during Savile's lifetime'.

There is no doubt that police forces made mistakes in relation to sharing and keeping information relating to Savile so no single clear picture of his offending could be made.

As Savile’s home police force, WYP would have been the obvious place to collect all such information, but investigation has shown that much of the available information during Savile’s lifetime was never shared with WYP and when it was WYP, did not connect the events to recognise a potential pattern of offending.

We must do everything we can to understand why that was, to ensure it does not happen again.

– West Yorkshire Police report

Savile used in police campaign despite 2007 claims

West Yorkshire Police's report into its involvement with Jimmy Savile has said it was "concerning" that he was still being used for police campaigns after allegations were made in 2007

Of greater concern is that even after the Force received the request from Surrey Police in 2007 to check what records WYP [West Yorkshire Police] held that related to Savile in relation to their investigation at Duncroft School, WYP continued to use him as part of local crime prevention campaigns.

The reason for this was that the information was not shared across departments, there was no recognition of the impact of this information and no checks were made on intelligence systems in securing Savile’s services.

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