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Daughter's last memory of Mandela 'is my blessing'

Zindzi Mandela has exclusively told ITV News her last memory of Nelson Mandela "is my blessing".

Grateful it was a nice memory she explained: "The last time I saw him I had been teasing him, playing with his hair and fooling around, and I could sense some kind of his inner eye roll, like 'Oh my God, here is this child again! Here she goes again!'

"And the smile and how he tried to lift his hand and reach out to me - that's my last memory of him and that's what I shall treasure forever".

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Mandela's daughter: I haven't shed a tear yet

Nelson Mandela's daughter Zindzi exclusively told ITV News she has yet to cry following her father's death.

Zindzi Mandela told ITV News presenter Mark Austin, "Contrary to media reports that I was seen breaking down after the [Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom] viewing, sobbing uncontrollably, I actually haven't shed a tear yet".

Ms Mandela said she did not know whether that was due to delayed shock or if she was in denial.

"Obviously I am very sad, I have got a very heavy feeling in my heart ... but my form of escapism is more to be like a comforter to others in the family and obviously to people who gather outside outside our Houghton home", she said.

Watch Mark Austin's interview with Zindzi Mandela on ITV News at 1.30pm

Mandela's daughter: I forgave him for not being there

In an exclusive interview with ITV News, Zindzi Mandela said she had a "sense of bitterness" towards her father Nelson Mandela for not being there all those years he was in prison but that she had forgiven him.

She told ITV News presenter Mark Austin, "Obviously that fell away when we bonded and became closer".

Ms Mandela said she later snubbed her father, explaining: "I wasn't happy with him and the way in which I felt he had treated my mother, I felt he could have treated her better.

"Then I came back and again we rekindled our relationship. I think it is so important that that happened because then I made my peace with him.

"I actually sat with him and I just told him about all the hurt I'd felt over the years - how I felt let down, how I felt like we were never a priority, and in that conversation I forgave him".

Daughter 'felt a bit guilty' for missing Mandela's death

The daughter of Nelson Mandela told ITV News she originally "felt a bit guilty" that she was not there when he died.

Zindzi Mandela was in London at the film premiere of Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom when she heard the news that her father had passed away.

In an exclusive interview, Ms Mandela said she later forgave herself as "he actually chose this moment to go".

She told ITV News presenter Mark Austin that Nelson Mandela chose then "to say ... I want you to be reminding people about what my values are, what my sacrifices have been and that irrespective of where I am, that the work must go on".


Mandela's daughter: His legacy is about love

In an exclusive interview with ITV News, Nelson Mandela's daughter Zindzi said the outpouring of grief following his death reminds her "his legacy is about love".

Speaking to ITV News presenter Mark Austin, Zindzi Mandela continued: "His legacy is about selflessness, he has this unique ability to unite people behind him whether he is campaigning for a cause, whether he's sick in hospital.

Nelson Mandela and his daughter Zindzi pictured together in October 1992. Credit: ITV News

"Even now that he's passed on, he still is uniting people behind him and his legacy. I think that's so incredible that someone can have a legacy that is so powerful, so strong, so consistent.

"I'm just hoping those are the values that people are going to want to take going forward in honouring him".

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Winnie 'head of the family' following Mandela's death

The former wife of Nelson Mandela exclusively told ITV News she is now head of the family following his death.

Winnie Mandela said it is "the traditional right" that she becomes head of the Mandela family, adding, "It is not a case of assuming anything".

Asked whether she would now inherit the Mandela mantle politically speaking she laughed, saying: "We never even planned to be who we are in this struggle.

"It’s not for me to say, ‘Yes, here I am inheriting a political position’. No we’ve never done that.”

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Winnie: Fondest memory 'the little time spent together'

Winnie Mandela exclusively told ITV News her fondest memory of ex-husband Nelson Mandela was "the little time we spent together".

Ms Mandela told ITV News presenter Mark Austin: " We never really lived together ... The few moments we had together were so precious that we were lost in each other.

Nelson and Winnie Mandela pictured moments after his release from prison on February 11, 1990. Credit: Reuters

“I had very little time to love him and be with him because he was jailed ... he was in the treason trial, then he was in the state of emergency, then he was jailed, then he was a black pimpernel.

"We never had time to love each other as we did theoretically. That love was always expressed through pen and paper - it was a relationship that matured through black and white."

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