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Anniversary of Claudia Lawrence's disappearance

Claudia Lawrence - missing for 3 years Photo: Tyne Tees

The family and friends of Claudia Lawrence are preparing to mark the third anniversary of her disappearance. Her father Peter Lawrence is holding a press conference today at his home in York.

Meanwhile her mother, Joan is going to retrace her daughter's steps on the day she vanished and do her best to find the missing piece of the jigsaw which could bring Claudia home.

She says that something must have been over looked, "There's got to be change, there's got to be. This has got to be the start of a change because I can't go on, year in year out like this.

"I'm going to do the route, and a friend of mine said he'd come with me. And then I'm going to go back to square one. Perhaps speak to someone at the university. There's a lot of answers that I can't get that I just want to try again".

Claudia has officially been missing since the 19th March 2009 when she didn't turn up for work as a chef at York University. Despite extensive enquiries, there hasn't been a single confirmed sighting of her since.

"Someone out there knows something," says Joan, "they've got to, somebody like Claudia doesn't just disappear. She's only got the one front door, she can't go out the back. It's a very very busy road, busy thoroughfare."

This weekend's anniversary has even more poignance for Joan as it comes on Mothering Sunday.