The campaign aims of helping to promote fairness in trade, action on poverty, debt and taking responsible and sensible approach to climate change through the sustainable use of natural resources is an initiative that is very dear to my own heart and supportive of the Christian message. Its action is a positive demonstration of the values of a strong moral society and care for the common good of the planet and its citizens.

North East Call to Action on Global Poverty and Climate Change promotes the aims and activities of the national MAKEPOVERTYHISTORY campaign that formally disbanded in 2006.

Calling upon people in the North East to join them in demanding that government, and governments of the world, to act to alleviate poverty for the world's poorer countries by:

  • Dropping the debt

  • Providing more and better aid

  • Curbing climate change

  • Promoting Fairtrade

  • Trade justice

In my first few months as Bishop of Durham, I have become acutely aware of the challenge that North East CALL TO ACTION on global action on Poverty and Climate Change continues to voice. I want to add my own support for the issues and the remedies promoted by NE-CAP.