More than 400 flights are scheduled to fly in and out of the airport over the next four days making it the busiest Easter weekend here for the last three years.

This is our busiest weekend of the year so far. We'll probably have around 45,000 customers between Friday and Monday but today has also been very busy with well over 10,000 customers today as well so this is us getting ready for the summer season so once the kids go back to school, May is actually when we see our passenger numbers increase even more, the charter schedule kicks in and so it's our start to the season.

The Canary Islands, mainland Spain along with Tunisia and Malta are amongst the most popular destinations. With so many people leaving the region for the holiday period, we asked Sally Fielding from the ITV Business Club who runs Sally's Holiday Cottages in the Lake District what she thinks of such high numbers of people selecting to holiday abroad.

It is nice to go abroad but I think for the economy as well it's good to stay here. We've got 185 cottages, all of them have gone so we've got no cottages available. It has been a really good start to the Easter period really.

The AA says fewer of us are on the move this year compared to last but the motoring organisation says that could quicky change if the sun continues to shine. The slight reduction in the number of cars taking to the road this weekend is thought to be partly due to the petrol crisis earlier in the week and rise in the cost of fuel since 2011.