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Inquest into Polish farm worker's death

A Family Destroyed by Money Photo: Durham Constabulary

A bitter row over money and a young mother's desire to return to Poland to visit her son on his first day at school were the triggers that led to her murder, a coroner's court has heard.

Danuta Damagalska, 27, was a farm worker at New Moor Farm, at Walworth Gate, near Darlington. She worked and lived there with her brother Piotr and husband Marcin.

Coroner Andrew Tweddle heard that Danuta and her husband had loaned Piotr money over a number of months. But in August of last year they asked for the money back so they could fund the trip to Poland. It led to a row and Piotr to strangled her before burying her body in a shallow grave at the farm.

It was a week before she was reported missing. Piotr claimed she was working on another farm, and even sent text messages to Marcin from her mobile phone.

Ultimately though he couldn't live with what he had done and hanged himself.

Recording verdicts, the coroner ruled Danuta had been Unlawfully Killed and that Piotr had taken his own life.

In court to hear the inquest verdicts was Danuta's husband. Speaking through an interpreter he thanked the police for their help in finding his wife.

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