The family of a man imprisoned in an African jail says the British government isn't doing enough to get him freed.

David Simpson from North Yorkshire is being held on suspicion of murdering 18 people.

He says he is innocent and simply stumbled across the bodies in the Central African Republic.

Mr Simpson has been working at a game park in the country for two years.

His family says it was his dream job, until he was seized 6 weeks ago.

Since then, they say he has spent time in a crowded cell though his conditions have now improved.

His brother Paul, says the Foreign Office has not done enough.

It has taken 6 weeks to put in an official protest. He was held for 5 weeks without charge, breaking the Central African Republic's own laws of being held six days without charge. They didn't think to put a protest in. I'm sure that time it could have helped him at that time. But now they have charged him. They have gone in too late. They haven't done anything.

The Foreign Office has responded by saying:

Consular staff have visited Mr Simpson regularly since his arrest and are also in regular contact with his family in the UK. We have asked the CAR authorities for assurances that the legal process will be followed and for the matter to be concluded as swiftly as possible.

Helen Ford Reports