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Robotic arm controlled by the mind

Scientists in the US and Germany have developed a robotic arm that is controlled by the mind.

Experts at Brown University created the device, which moves using electrical signals omitted by the brain. These signals are then are decoded and turned into actions.

It means that people who have suffered paralysis, and have lost the use of their arms, could use the technology in the future.

Researchers at Newcastle University are conducting their own study in the hope of going one step further. Dr Andrew Jackson says he hopes to divert these brain signals back into the body.

He said: "One of the things we're interested in doing is seeing whether we can use the signals taken from the brain by neural interface systems.

"Could we redirect them to somewhere else in the nervous system? For example, the spinal cord, and in this way, produce a bridge - an artificial pathway that bridges the injured spinal cord.

"The robotic arm might be quite limited but if we allow patients to initially move their own arms again using electrical stimulation of either the muscles or the spinal cord, then that really will be a device that would then be a large demand for among this clinical population."