The Business Sectretary, Vince Cable, arrives on Teesside today to see for himself how steel making has returned to Redcar.

It's just over a year since Thai firm SSI bought the blast furnace from Tata Steel, which had mothballed the plant in 2010 with the loss of more than 1000 jobs.

The blast furnace was relit last month and steel is now being exported to Thailand.

Bringing the plant back into operation has secured 1800 jobs. Today Vince Cable will announce a £1.4 million grant to support the training of staff. The money is from the Regional Grown Fund which is a £2.4 billion fund to support businesses in creating jobs.

Boosting British manufacturing is central to this Government's mission to create long term growth, that is balanced between sectors and regions of the UK. For too long the British economy has relied exclusively on the City of London, ignoring places like Teesside. I want to see regions of the UK like the North East, which were once the workshops of Britain get back to their glory days. I have great pleasure in visiting SSI today and to witness first hand the return of steel production to the North East. The restart of the plant is fantastic news for the region as it will have a major impact on local growth and prosperity, creating around 8,000 jobs. SSI and its workforce have done an incredible job over the last year to get the plant up and running again and to expand production capacity

The SSI plant Credit: ITV