Corrie stars raise money for boy with killer brain disease

The cast of Coronation Street autographed a replica sign to raise money for Kyran's family. Credit: Kyran Richmond Fundraising

Kyran Richmond faces a heartbreaking future. Last year, the 8 year old became the only person in the North East to be diagnosed with Juvenile Batten Disease.

He'll be blind by the time he reaches his teens. Before he reaches his mid twenties, it will have killed him. There is no cure.

"I can remember the exact date in my head from when he was diagnosed. It was just heartbreaking. My first question was, 'What is the life expectancy?' I was told 'late teens or early twenties'. And it was awful."

Since his diagnosis, his family have fundraised for research into the condition, and to help make Kyran's life more comfortable as he deteriorates. So far they've raised more than £13,000.

Now the cast of Coronation Street has helped them do that, by signing a replica of the soap's famous street sign. It's been sold on eBay for more than £1000.

Batten Disease is a genetic disorder which kills the brain cells. Already, Kyran's sight has been reduced to a small corner of his right eye. Over time, he'll develop epilepsy, lose the ability to walk, talk and eat, before developing dementia. His life expectancy is late teens or early twenties.

He is one of only 150 people to be diagnosed in the UK.

"I would hope that the money we're raising for research will find a cure eventually. That's the ultimate goal. In the meantime it's just about making Kyran's life as fun and enjoyable as possible."