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Testing athletes for drugs is 'immoral' says professor

With just 64 days to go to the Olympics Games, a scientist at Newcastle University says banning sports drugs and the athletes who take them is immoral and unnecessary and should be stopped.

Prof. Sam Shuster, emeritus professor of dermatology at the university, made the comments in an article for the British Medical Journal.

"It would be nice to enjoy the Olympics without the horrors of testing and banning people and destroying good athletic careers, when, after all, there's no reason for it whatsoever because drug testing is logically wrong and morally wrong."

– Prof. Sam Shuster, Newcastle University

He says there's little difference between athletes using performance-enhancing drugs, and undertaking various accepted methods of improving fitness. He says there's "no acceptable proof they improve competitive performance."

Athletes including Britain's Dwain Chambers have had their careers halted after positive drugs tests. He was found to have banned substances in his bloodstream in 2003, but recently won a court battle to have his lifetime Olympic ban overturned.