Olympic rings erected on Tyne Bridge

The rings have taken several days to be fitted. Credit: ITV

The coloured circles are made from aluminium, and the set measures 25 metres wide and 12 metres high, making them the largest set of metal Olympic rings in the UK.

They were made at a sign making company in Kelso in the Scottish Borders and required specialist equipment to be lifted into place on the bridge's East side.

The rings can be viewed from both sides of the riverside and from North East landmarks such as the Sage Gateshead, the Baltic and Millenium Bridge. They will also be lit from tomorrow night.

The local authority has a budget of more than 200 thousand pounds to spend on celebrating the Olympics and will host various events on the Quayside this Friday when the Olympic Torch arrives.

Thousands of people are expected to line the route to see the torch bearers.

Newcastle will host Olympic football matches when the Games get underway in July. The Olympic Torch will arrive in the region this Thursday when it comes to Berwick.

The route passes through Northumberland and on Friday, a special guest will zip-wire the length of the Tyne Bridge carrying the flame.

Watch Helen Pearson's full report here on ITV News Online:

See the completed rings after they were finally installed on Tuesday.